Why I love blogging

Today I thought I’d share with you why I love blogging. I don’t know really why I started. I had a personal blog that worked just fine to tell funny stories on and update those who cared about my life. Maybe after becoming friends with them, I just wanted to be really cool like Janae and Elizabeth. Maybe I felt like I might have something significant to say. But whatever the reason, here I am in my little corner of the blogging world talking to all of you.

{1} Human Connection


I’m an introvert. Everyone who knows me, knows this about me. It’s not that I’m shy. That’s not what being an introvert means. I draw my energy from being alone, or in small groups of people. When I go to a party or somewhere where there are constantly lots of people around or interacting with me I am quickly exhausted. People wear me out! However, blogging has been awesome for me in that I am able to form individual connections with a lot of people, all at once.

I am becoming friends with women who live all over the country, who I never, ever would have met before had it not been for this little blog. Not only do I meet people who somehow stumble upon mine, but I have discovered such a vast, supportive group of people who I am able to learn from and hopefully now and then contribute something back. Through these interactions, I feel inspired and motivated every day. I see people who have come so far in becoming healthier and I know I can continue to progress too. I see people who are so far advanced compared to me that it gives me something to look forward to and work toward. It’s also given me mentors and people I can turn to, whether I have questions about adding buttons to my blog or advice for training for a race.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have reached out to me, whether in a comment on my blog or someone else’s. I’m really enjoying meeting all of you.


{2} Accountability


While I don’t want my blog to become a work out journal or a diary, it does give me a sense of accountability, if I announce I am going to do something on the blog.  I have a sense of duty to my readers that if I say I am going to do something or if I am going to work toward something, that I have a responsibility to follow through. They always say that one of the steps to setting and achieving goals is to tell someone and make them hold you accountable. Well, you are each my someones. I hold myself accountable to you for the things I say I’m going to do on this blog.

It also makes me thing about whether or not what I want to do is realistic. Now that I have to be held accountable (whether or not any of you actually care if I follow through), I need to make sure that whatever I am stating, is actually something that I can achieve. If it’s not, I’m not going to say it. If I end up achieving it anyway, I can still share that success with all of you. Win-Win right?

{3} Sharing my thoughts

Again, while the purpose of this blog is not to be a diary, I have always found peace and increased understanding in writing. Writing has always been something that has come naturally and easily to me and my own personal journal is a huge source of relief to me. If my future great-great-grandkids read it, they’re going to think that most of the time I was either super whiny or super deep. I tend to write during times of high emotion, so they might think I was flat-out crazy! haha

But since health, wellness and fitness are important to me, I love the chance I have to share it with others in this small way. It gives me a chance to also share my progress and the things I may be learning. Because whether it’s a fitness or just life in general, we are all learning and we may as well be sharing. You never know when some lesson you’ve learned is something that someone else needs to hear. (or read!)

In other news, I have signed up for Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp in order to help with my marathon training that I start TODAY! I mostly signed up for the strength training side of it and I know it’s going to be such an important addition to what I’m already doing. Now my shoulders can look like this:


I’m so excited but also a little overwhelmed by the training that is coming my way. It’s going to be a great 12 weeks until my marathon.

Also, if you missed the first two installments of Running 101 (tips for new runners…and reminders for the veterans!) you can find them here: Form and Breathing.

Why do you love blogging? (either reading or writing)

What workouts do you have in store this next week?

Anything exciting going on?


20 thoughts on “Why I love blogging

  1. My hip is just feeling better so I’m happy running on it -easy three three mile runs. This weekend we are going to Seattle I’ll be doing a ten mile training run in that city and that will be fun.

  2. I love blogging because I force more random people to love me 😉 I think it’s a great way to connect with people and find support from sources that aren’t necessarily available in my day-to-day life. Not many of my friends are runners/athletes, so it’s great to share this passion with others who get exactly what I’m trying to say!

    I’m doing running and strength training, but this week will be a little wonky training wise because of some minor travel plans.

  3. I love blogging because it gives me a place to share what i am passionate about. I like the accountability as well, and to know other people are out in the world having a donut every so often, but aren’t going overboard. Nice to know there are people committed to eating healthy and working out like me too.. 🙂

  4. I love blogging because it gives me a chance to chat running to people who are interested rather than boring my poor boyfriend further. He goes on football forums to talk about that, so we have a great arrangement!

  5. For me, I began my blog for the accountability aspect. Reading other blogs helps me to stay motivated, too. It’s nice to see other perspectives and to learn about other individual runners, even if I don’t know them personally.

    You hit the nail on the head with the definition of an introvert. That is 100% me, too!

  6. I think you’re awesome! I love that your Mom has shared your blogs and that has made me want to follow you more!! I was hoping to maybe connect at the Ragar, but no such luck!

  7. I love blogging because of the connection. I love writing, so blogging fulfills my need for that, plus I love reading about other people’s journeys.

    I have a 50 minute run planned for Wednesday and then I’m done for the next 14 days.

    In exciting news, my tonsils are coming out on Thursday, we are getting a big visit from family and then we are going to Disney. Let the good times roll!

  8. A lot of my friends can only handle my running/fitness talk for so long before slapping me so blogging lets me get that our of my system 🙂 I also enjoy the accountability.

  9. Your description of being an introvert is spot on! I am one as well and it seems no one really understands.. The need for time alone to recharge is such a huge part of my life. There have been times in my life when I couldn’t get any time alone and let me tell you, I suffered. Introverts don’t need to “break out of their shell”. My shell is just fine, thank you. (:

  10. I’m a New blogger but not new to reading blogs. Last year reading everyone’s stories helped me during training and I loved it. It took a while to get the guts to comment and even more time to finally start my own. I can’t imagine not having it or the accountability it brings to training. Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting!! It is kind of scary because if I’m going to be honest, I need to be vulnerable. But there’s such a great support system in the running/blogging community. Love it.

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