a wedding and a new hair do

First of all, thank you all soo much for your sweet words of encouragement and for sharing your stories with me! There are so many of you have gone and done something similar to what I am going to do and it makes me feel so good! It’s like we’re all in this little club together 🙂 Also, I feel like so many of you have done much, much scarier moves than I have. So if you can do that, I can certainly take this change on. I’ve got this!

My good friend Rick is getting married today. They had their reception last night and it was so fun to go! The decorations were beautiful and the food was so good!


The reception was in the big back yard and it was perfect! The weather cooled down quite a bit (that’s one great thing about Utah. It can be 100 degrees during the day but when the sun starts to go down it cools down fast). The mountains were so close. It was just so relaxing.


Rick lived below me and my roommates my senior year of college and the 5 of us were very, very good friends. Rick was at our house more than he was at his. In fact, it even got to the point where we just started introducing him (and he introduced himself) as our roommate. We love our Rick-Rick!


I’m so happy for him and Nicole! They fit each other perfectly and I have no doubt they’ll be so, so happy together.

Side (selfish) note: here is a shot of my new hair! I got it done a couple of days ago and it’s the most drastic thing I’ve ever done to my hair. Sometimes it still freaks me out a little bit. But I’m getting used to it 🙂

Today I’m going breakfast with another old roommate and then to Lagoon (a theme park) and I’m so excited…well minus the 100 degree weather. Which = lots of sunscreen and lots of water!!! My goal is to get a long run in before breakfast.

Have you been to any weddings recently?

What’s the most drastic thing you’ve done to your hair? Did you love it or regret it?

What are you doing this fine Saturday?

Whatever you’re doing, have a safe weekend!


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