Running 101: Sports Drinks

Before we get down to the important stuff, I have 2 things to show you.

1) I know you’ve all been wondering what I look like at work, so here you have it. I even look like I’m mid-sentence in a very important phone call. So natural.


2) I have been craving froyo (what else is new?!) and I finally dragged my sister with me. It was awesome. I even put some fruit in the cup this time. I think this means I’m growing up!


The other day I was talking to a participant at work and she mentioned that she wanted to cut out sodas and drink more water. Wonderful goal! However, when I asked if she only wanted to drink water she answered that she would drink water and Gatorade. I told her this was fine but to go easy on the Gatorade because sports drinks have a high sugar content. She was completely shocked.

It got me thinking. There’s a lot of misconceptions about sports drinks. So let’s chat about sports drinks, shall we!

Sports drinks are packed with sugar (simple carbohydrate for quick energy), sodium, potassium and other electrolytes that help you to stay hydrated , replaces the sodium lost through sweat, and fuel your muscles properly through intense exercise. Let me say that again… INTENSE EXERCISE. In all reality, if you are exercising for less than 1 hour, the good being done by the minerals in the drink are offset by the empty calories you are taking in. Think about it this way: An average 8-ounce serving of a sports drink has around 50-80 calories, 14-17 grams of carbohydrates and 100-200 mg of sodium. For exercising less than 1 hour, water is your best bet. If you’re not exercising at all and drinking it just because, well…it’s just another sugary drink. Let’s take a second and look at this chart:


However, I do know that a lot of you are training for intense races like half marathons, marathons and triathlon. During your long runs or the actual race, these sports drinks will definitely come in handy and help support your body as it takes on these physical challenges. I have found that even when I make a conscious effort to drink either water or a sports drink during a race (I like to alternate them between each aid station), I still end the races completely dehydrated to the point of nausea throughout the day. The last couple of races, when I’ve had a sports drink throughout the day after a race, I find that I don’t feel sick any longer and my body seems to recuperate easier. These drinks do have a time and a place!

It’s like anything else, moderation is key! For the most part I don’t believe in totally cutting things out, but soda is one exception to that rule. I really don’t drink it anymore (though I used to love it!). So when it comes to sports drinks, I see them as a step above soda and maybe at the same level as fruit juice. They have their place but for the most part, I do try to avoid them.

What are your thoughts on sports drinks?

How about soda?

What’s your favorite froyo topping??


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Car Lessons from Dad

Yesterday was my first day set loose at my new job and you guys, I loved it! I probably need to be knocking on wood right now because I totally don’t know even close to everything I need to know to be super stellar, but so far so good. I really enjoyed myself and I was the last one to leave. These people leave the second it’s closing time. Totally the opposite of what I was used to at my other job! haha

After we watched a dramatic and heartbreaking episode of the Bachelorette (not really a spoiler if you’ve been paying attention at all), my dad decided my sister and I needed a lesson in car mechanics. We went over everything under the hood.


Next time we’re going over changing a tire and jumping the car if the battery dies. It’s embarrassing that I don’t already know these things. Good thing my dad is willing to teach us! I’m at a total loss when it comes to cars! I figure that’s why we have AAA right?

Here was my workout today from “Run Less, Run Faster”.


My times for the sets ended up 6:03 ,6:08,6:07 ,6:14 ,6:14 ,6:18. Apparently I got tired 🙂 But I did the workout a little faster than prescribed because I felt like I could. It was a good workout. I liked breaking it up into smaller increments so that it didn’t seem so bad, since running on the track isn’t my favorite. At least I had Jillian Michaels and her producer, Janice, to keep me company. Those two are hilarious. Seriously, if you like listening to podcasts, you need to try the Jillian Michaels podcast. It is by far my favorite.

Do you know very much about cars?

What do you think Des is going to decide on next week’s finale episode??

Tell me something random.

Motivation Crisis

Ever since I started this blog, I get texts like this from my friends all the time and it makes me so, so happy! Definitely a great thing to wake up to (in the morning..I actually don’t wake up if my phone buzzes from a text).


Confession: Lately, I have felt like a bit of a fraud. Somehow I’m inspiring my friends to go run and be active but my motivation levels have been tanking. I don’t know if this is normal, but I definitely go through a cycle where for a while I’m super motivated and excited and great about my workouts. Then all of a sudden, I stop caring quite as much., In the past this would lead to me not working out very much, if at all, for a period of time. Then something would light my little workout spark and I’d be back in the game, full force! The only thing that has kept me from completely blowing off all my workouts has been been this blog (this has been a great source of accountability!) and my upcoming marathon. 7 weeks away!

This cycle of motivated/not motivated is probably my one of my biggest flaws as a runner. It definitely requires me to work on my self discipline, my mental strength and to push myself harder than I want to be pushed. I know that if I can learn to conquer these down times, I will be that much stronger during the up times! Maybe I’ll even eventually overcome the downs altogether! That would be awesome 🙂 So for now, I’m working on shutting up that voice inside my head that says it doesn’t want to work out, the one that says it doesn’t want to train for a marathon, the one that says I can’t do it. Because I can. And I will. That voice is kind of a jerk.

So today’s post is mostly dedicated to motivation. Mostly motivating myself, but if any of these quotes hit home for you, even better!! I am really sensitive to the written word, so quotes have always been strong influences for me.





What do you do when you hit a down time in your motivation? I can’t be the only one, ever who feels this way!

Share with me your favorite motivational quote!

What did you do for your workout today? I did Workout A for week 7 of the Best Body Bootcamp

Oh! One more thing! Tonight starts the Finale of Bachelorette! Anyone else watching?? I already told my mom not to make plans for tonight. Now we get to finally see what all those girly tears are about 😉

Moving Out Day

So yesterday’s run didn’t go as planned. I had wanted to do 17 miles because I want to get up to at least 20 before my marathon. So mapped out a course on MapMyRun and it was all set to go. By the time I was 3.5 miles in I could tell it wasn’t going to be a good run. I was dehydrated. I felt like I had zero energy. Plus my parents’ neighborhood and surround areas are super hilly. I almost turned back right then and there. I knew that after this point, I wouldn’t really have access to water.

But I didn’t. Somehow I talked myself into going until another point and seeing how I felt then. After that I kept going a little further, then a little further. At one point, I realized I really was very dehydrated and didn’t know if could do another 1+ hours of running and not have access to water. So I changed my route a little bit to head home (back up many hills. I had already conquered one very large hill). I stopped by a park to drink some water and then powered on home.

It wasn’t the best run. Not by a LONNNGGGG shot. It wasn’t even very good. I truly felt awful and completely out of energy. Dehydration and a week of a lot, a lot of things not going as planned were my downfall. But I had to remind myself that 11 miles of hills is still a great work out. It’s not like these were little wussy hills either. I now have a goal for buying a water belt this week so I can go as long as I need to for the rest of my marathon training. Suggestions?? I’m thinking something like this with smaller bottles.


Then my mom and I drove up to get all my stuff out of my old house. My dad had to work, but he met up with us later. I had tried sending out cries for help on social media for big strong men to help us move the heavy stuff, since I own all my bedroom furniture and a dryer (my washer died. sad day) but hadn’t heard anything. So I texted a friend and asked her if she could find anyone. When I finally arrived at my place after quite a wait at the UHaul place, these four guys were there ready to help. I am soooooo grateful for their willingness to come help me move. They are studs!


Yes, I am in fact, on my tip toes. Someone made a joke about being able to see me over the box (#shortyproblems), so I just had to make sure you could all see me. 🙂 Seriously, couldn’t have done it without these guys! Thanks again!!! Now for an apartment to move in to….

On the drive home, my parents decided we needed to stop at a local favorite steakhouse (I swear everything there is delicious!) so I said “Ok, I’ll let you take me to an awesome restaurant where I will eat back my entire run”. It was the least I could do after they helped me move. 😉 Here they are playing on their iPhones. Parents these days….haha probably should have told Dad I was about to take a pictures. Oops.


Even though this whole move hasn’t exactly gone as planned, it still hasn’t been half bad. I am so grateful for my family, especially my parents, for my friends and for how truly blessed I really am.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Ok seriously, any recommendations for water belts? My friend told me she loves her Ironman one. Any others I should look at?

Did you get help the last time you moved? 

Favorite restaurant! Go!

Good bye middle school

I am happy to report that my car was fixed for half of the originally quoted price (pays to call around for a better deal) and I am now back to being a (somewhat) independent result. Still working on the apartment situation…I really need to fix that soon!!

Yesterday was my last day of training and Monday I get set loose at work. Crossing my fingers that all goes well. haha

After work yesterday, I picked up my sister and we met up with one of my old college roommates. We went to see Monster’s University (way cute!) and then went to Noodles and Co for dinner. Yum! Usually I get the Penna Rosa but this time I so strangely branched out (if I find something I love at a restaurant, I always always order it) and got some sort of Pesto something. It was good too!

Of course I waited until there was no natural light to get a picture of us three. Oops.


Guys, you want to know something sad? They’re tearing down my old middle school! Like, it is mostly torn down! I don’t know why that makes me so sad, but it totally does. Good memories you know? Plus I’ve always loved school. I think this is all weird because I guess everyone is supposed to hate middle school since it’s the most awkward years of your life (they totally were) and everyone is dying to get out of there to go to high school (I was cool with the progression. not too fast, not too slow). But I didn’t hate it. I loved middle school. Oh well. My first elementary school isn’t a school anymore and now my middle school is demolished. One of my two high schools better be on the look out!


Busy day today!!! I have a 17 (ahem…yeah 1-7) mile run today. ***Update: Ended up doing 11 miles of hills. I’ll talk more about it tomorrow ** Then we’re driving back to my old place to pack all my stuff into a UHaul. I then have to DRIVE THE UHAUL!!! Gah! It’s going to be an interesting day.

Well better get started! Have a happy Saturday!

Have you seen Monsters University?

Did you like middle school? or I am really that weird?

What are you doing today? Any long runs?

“Check Engine” lights are kind of important

In case you live in Utah and were busy enjoying all the festivities yesterday, here is a link to yesterday’s post, dedicated to Pioneer Day!

Also, I had the opportunity to guest post for Patty yesterday over at Reach Your Peak. Check out the post here.

So yesterday I’m driving to work and the “Check Engine” light keeps turning on and off on my dashboard. I’ve never had that light turn on before and since it was going on and off, I figured maybe it was just a short in the circuit. I mean, my car is a 1994. I have a window that won’t roll up or down anymore. It’s totally plausible I would have a short in the lights on the dash. So there I am, driving and minding my own business, when I pull of the freeway, stop at a red light and all of this steam starts coming out of my hood and even coming through my vents into my car.

What?!! This is something that I’ve only seen in movies or something. Not something that’s happened to me. So I called my dad (they’re great for handling these kinds of situations) and once I got to my work just a few blocks later, he had me open my hood and tell him where the steam/smoke was coming from. My radiator. So after work, a tow truck came to get my car and we took it to a shop. I should hear today what the exact problem is. Hopefully it doesn’t involve too much $$$. Luckily my little sister just bought a car for college, so I get to drive that little clunker to work. Crossing my fingers that it doesn’t die on me, too!


Last night my family and I went to the local celebration at the park. It ended up being more fun than I thought it would be. At one point, we saw these people up at the top of one of those fire truck lifts and all of a sudden they dropped watermelon from there! My mom and  I were standing a little close since we were trying to see what was going on and we both got hit with flying watermelon pieces! It’s crazy how far those things can fly!


We listened to a couple different bands and then watched the fireworks. Fireworks are my favorite, so I love having another holiday where we get to watch them. It’s the best.


In other news, if you know anything about me, you know that I take my birthday very, very seriously. It’s the best day of the year. Not just my birthday, but all birthdays. I just love birthdays. But obviously mine is my favorite. Anyway, today is my half birthday! Woohoo! In just 6 little months will be my golden birthday (when you turn the age of your birthday. So I’ll be 25 on the 25th). This calls for a big celebration! Good thing I have 6 months to figure out something awesome to do 😉 For today, I think I’ll just celebrate with some froyo.

Well, I have a busy day so I better get started. Have a great Thursday everyone! The weekend is almost here!!!

Have you had a car break down? What was wrong? 

Are you obsessed with birthdays too?

Have you had your Golden Birthday yet? Did you/will you celebrate big?

Wednesday Wonderfuls: Pioneer Day Edition

For those of you unfamiliar with Utah history, today commemorates the day in 1847 that the Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley after their trek west in search of religious freedom and decided to settle here. So today is Pioneer Day! It’s basically another 4th of July in my mind. There’s a parade, lots of festivities, BBQs, fireworks at night….see what I mean?? It makes July a fun month to look forward to because we get two holidays that are all about celebrating the place where I live (USA and then Utah). Good times!

So in honor of it being the 24th, today will be a Utah edition of Wednesday Wonderfuls.

1) I already mentioned this, but let’s officially count that we get two holidays in July. Awesome. Also you get to see children dressed up like this for parades.


2) Southern Utah and Northern Utah have completely different climates and terrain and they’re both beautiful!



3) Utahns eat more ice cream than any other state. No joke. We freakin’ love our ice cream out here(I’m counting froyo into this category too) I also didn’t realize how many pictures I actually have of myself eating ice cream. A lot.


4) If you like the outdoors, this is the place! (Utah humor. If you get it, you get it) From the “best snow on earth” for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing to mountain biking, hiking, camping, rock climbing, mountaineering, or even trail running, there’s a non-stop list of things to do outside. I know I missed about a million things on this list. I grew up mostly hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. I love these mountains of ours.



5) At the tip-top of Utah, we have the home of the Utah State Aggies!!! (aka my alma mater) I sure do love that place. Best school ever. (we have quite a few more universities but really I just wanted to mention mine.)


6) Fry sauce. If you’re doing it right, this stuff is 2 parts ketchup, 1 part mayo. It’s amazing. Fries just aren’t the same without it! I also like to put it on my burgers. This is a huge Utah thing, so if you haven’t tried it you totally should. Or ask for some if you ever come out here. People do variations on it (like putting in pickles, bbq sauce and even rootbeer). I just like the plain ol’ original. That’s the good stuff.


7)  It’s super Utah to miss the letter “t” in the middle of words such as mountains. It comes out more like “moun-ins”. That means that some our cities like Layton are pronounced “Lay-un” or I’ve noticed sometimes I’ll even pronounce my brother’s name “Christian” like “Chrishen”. It’s fine. Who needs “t”s? They’re just slowing us down 😉


8) In 2002, Salt Lake City was host to the Winter Olympic Games. I was in middle school when this happened and it was a lot of fun. Downtown was all decorated and there were so many people here! Now we can go up to Park City to the Olympic park and participate in fun events up there and the torch is still at Rice Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah. My orchestra also got to play at some sort of olympic expo event, so we got to learn the Olympics theme song. So much fun!


9) The name “Utah” comes from the Native American “Ute” tribe and means people of the mountains. A pretty appropriate name, I think!!


10) Lots of movies are shot in Utah. Because of our varied terrain, Utah is a prime place for a lot of different movie settings. You can find a list of just 50 here. Just to name a few: High School Musical, the original Footloose, the new Lone Ranger movie, Better off Dead, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Back to the Future 3, Thelma and Louise, Forrest Gump, Dumb and Dumber, Independence Day, Galaxy Quest (bahaha! Remember this one!), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and the new Star Trek.


Hopefully you learned something and have a greater appreciate for the great Beehive State. Have a happy 24th everyone. You can use it as an excuse to celebrate, even if you’re not in Utah 🙂

Tell me something cool about your state!

What day do you celebrate your state’s beginnings? 

Are you doing anything fun today?