BBB Report and Schneebly Family Reunion

Happy July 1! Can you believe it’s already here?!

After my first week of the Best Body Bootcamp, I am happy to report that I did all of the strength training days and sad to report that I didn’t do either of the cardio days. Weird right? Cardio is what I always do! Tuesday however, I was WAY worked up and distracted because of my interview. I even got dressed to go because obviously a run would have been helpful but I was so distracted I never made it out the door. Then Thursday ended up being way too busy with work and everything so I never made it out. But I figure it’s a good first step 🙂 I did do extra cardio on the strength days, so maybe that counts for something.

Saturday was probably one of the funnest days I’ve had in a long, long time. I went to Lagoon (amusement park) with a group of friends and coworkers and it was a blast! They decided that we should all make matching shirts and pretend to be a family reunion. They even had stories made up for how we were all related and repeated it to people many, many times. We got a lot of questions and even more looks.


The front of our shirts read “We are elated to be related” and the backs had the name “Schneebly” with a number we picked (I was #25 of course) and then we all drew stick figures or faces representing us with our names under them.

It was about 100 degrees, so we wore lots of sunscreen and drank lots and lots of water! Bringing my water bottle with me was probably the best decision I made all day. This picture is probably only an hour into me being there and I’m already all gross.


Around 2 we went to the parking lot to get our lunches but couldn’t find one of the cars. Luckily, Taylor had a great idea. The funny thing is this is really how we ended up finding the car. Good thing the owner didn’t come while he was on the truck.


We had a nice picnic out on a patch of grass that we found. It was packed by Ashley, who is a Nutrition and Dietetics major, so you know it was good.


We spent time at the water park inside for part of the afternoon, went to two of the (awful) shows put on by the park, and rode lots and lots of rides the rest of the day/evening.

 We also spent probably at least an hour of combined time trying to win this giant squid at the ring toss/convince the 16 year olds running the booth to just sell it to us. We ended up getting it for a total of $27 and lots and lots of flirting from Nan. Hey, whatever works! But then when we wanted a picture with them, they made us wear these hats. Touché, teenagers.


The day was so fun and it was just nice to have an entire day where I didn’t have my phone for most of it (I left it in a locker we rented), I had no idea what time it was, and the only thing on the agenda was “what ride should we go on next?”. It was awesome.


We had an awesome time at the Schneebly family reunion and I hope we get to have another one super soon!

What’s your favorite amusement park? Mine is Six Flags!

Favorite ride?

How did your work outs go this last week? What are you going to improve for this next week?

*** Watch tomorrow for the next installment of Running 101 ***


2 thoughts on “BBB Report and Schneebly Family Reunion

  1. I love six flags, but Disney World is fun, too! I love roller coasters, but I cannot do spinny rides for the life of me. I get so motion sick, but for some reason roller coasters don’t really do that to me. My workouts were TERRIBLE last week. My schedule was all funky. This week should be better now that I am back at my house and can get back into my routine! Cannot wait to have more runs than I did last week!

  2. I love Busch Gardens and Hershey Park

    The Great Bear or the Farenheit; the Sky Rush is nicknamed Thigh Crush for a reason (ouch!)

    I mountain biked all last week, which was awesome. This week I am hoping to get outside more to run. I am doing a speed session at the track tomorrow!

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