Cabins, Pedis and Cousins

I know I’ve been MIA a lot on and off the last couple of months and I can’t promise it will get any better for the rest of the summer. This weekend was just too fun and I honestly forgot all about blogging! Oops!

Starting tomorrow, for the majority of the week, I will be off in the mountains with 20 18 year olds and 5 of my staff members for my job. I know, it’s a hard life πŸ˜‰ But because of that I will have limited good signals on my phone. I will, however, try to put up a picture post every day so you get a taste of the beauty I’ll be experiencing. It will be like a picture book, so you don’t have to read lots of words. You’ll also have to guess what’s going on. It will be an adventure πŸ™‚ As will trying to continue my training while being gone all week.

We’ll start with this post and I’ll give you a taste of my weekend since Friday.









Also, I’m happy to announce I did a #plankaday with my mom this weekend and got up to 2:38! A new record! Woohoo!

What did you do this weekend?

How’s your training coming along? (if you’re training for something)

What’s your favorite type of work out these days?


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