A beautiful hike

Yesterday we went on a beautiful and intense hike. It was hot at first but the breeze at the top cooled us right down. The view was also completely breathtaking. It was also hard enough to count as cross training 😉





What are you up to today?
Do you enjoy hiking?


3 thoughts on “A beautiful hike

  1. I LOVE to hike!! For the last few days I have been putting together a mini weekend get-a-way hiking trip! Unfortunately, living in Indiana, we don’t have lots of options ((but you would be surprised, our state parks are pretty stellar!) But the smokey mountains are dirving distance and so great!! Of course any chance we can I like to get our west (recently hiked Red Rocks and Zion–BEAUTIFUL!!)

    Definitely cross training girl! count it!! 🙂

    • Oh how fun!!! And I love how much you love my state. It makes me happy 🙂 You should come hiking in the northern half of it. It’s a totally different gorgeous. I’m glad you have some mountains close enough to enjoy! Mountains are the best!

      • That is the super awesome thing about Utah! The north and the south are so different! Different weather/terrain… I need to get to the northern part of thestate during the summer (i have been over that way for winter skiing!) Thanks for the recommendation!!

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