Changing Faster than I Expected

Holy moley. I can’t believe how badly this last week has worn me out! I was soo tired yesterday. Plus I have allergies and I have a feeling there’s also some sickiness going on. My poor little body is shot! But I don’t have much time to rest! Not only do I have a marathon coming up in almost exactly 2 months (ahhh!!!) I also have some big changes coming up so super soon!

This last week, I was offered a job. It’s a job that I really wanted and that I felt really good about. I’ll be working for a corporate wellness company as a customer service representative and a support coach for the health coaches. My goal is to move up and become a health coach, so this is the perfect place to start and learn how to do it all! I have orientation on Monday and then I start the next week. I’m really excited about it!


A little explanation for those not familiar with corporate wellness or health coaching (I was unaware this even existed until a few months ago). A corporate wellness company helps other companies to lower their health insurance costs by providing health coaches to their employees in order to help them to meet the health and wellness standards their employers have set for them. So a health coach can help someone with anything from losing weight, to eating better, to stress management, to quitting smoking, etc. Whatever it is they need to improve upon! That’s one thing that I really love about the position is that it encompasses so many aspects of health and wellness. (now I sound like I’m in an interview) But seriously how cool is that?! You get to help people improve the quality of their lives in various aspects.

So that’s the type of work I will be doing and I’ll be trying my hardest to learn more about it and develop the skills I need to become a health coach in the near future. It’s a very fast growing company, so there’s a lot of room for improvement and movement, which I think is very exciting.

So now I have to find an apartment and move in the next couple of weeks. It’s overwhelming, scary and all happening a lot faster than I had planned on. But I’m so grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to my next adventure in a new city.

Next: have you seen this video?? It’s about the first woman to every compete in the Boston Marathon. Soo awesome!

This totally makes me want to run the Boston marathon. So inspiring! What an amazing woman.

This sticker came in my StrideBox this month and I LOVE it! Running and America. Doesn’t get much better than that.


What are you up to this weekend?

Tell me about your favorite workout this week

Anyone else have the Boston Marathon on their bucket list?


15 thoughts on “Changing Faster than I Expected

  1. I read the book Marathon Women that was written by Kathrine Switzer!! It was SO GOOD! If you have any time to read with your new job ((oh my gosh congrats!! That is exactly what my internship is this summer!!! so funny!)) then you should read this book!!

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  3. Congratulations! I work for a company that has a big corporate wellness arm, and hundreds of health coaches. It’s truly amazing to hear some of the stories of change and help they have provided. Where are you moving?

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