searching STGR

Everyone else is doing these and I don’t want to be left out. So here are some funny search terms that have lead people to my blog. (no, if everyone else was jumping off a cliff, I would not do it!)

Pretty 9th grade girl

Umm..thanks for the compliment? But I’m a little older than 15.

“In 9th grade” “swimming”

Ok, seriously I am NOT in 9th grade! Also I’m not a swimmer.


I do not bounce on my bed, thank you very much!

sleeping girl confessions

While I have been known to talk in my sleep before, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t happened in a while and nothing I say is coherent.

Awesome deodorant scent for girls

I think this probably lead them to this post. But glad I could help someone out! Hygiene is a priority!


I don’t even know what to say to that one.

tan lines for running/tan lines running

Yes I do get tan lines running. I am quite proud of them.

Cute girls wearing socks

Again, thanks for the compliment but this is weird.


I have no clue what this one was going for. Sorry bud. I always had a chair in class.

Well that was fun 🙂 There are more but these were by far the most entertaining ones.

Today I am going to new employee orientation for my new job! Woohoo! Then I will be spending the rest of the day apartment hunting. Hopefully I can find something because ideally I would like to move this weekend. Yes, as in 5 days from now. This is insanity.

In other news, it was my roommate’s birthday and we all celebrated with her family last night. Her mom made this BTS cake. It was freaking amazing.


I plan on getting a workout in tonight when I get back into town. I know I’ll need it!!

How was your weekend?

What are some of the best search terms that have been used to find your blog?

Favorite type of cake. Go!


6 thoughts on “searching STGR

  1. Hahaha I wonder why so many search terms about 9th grade girls lead people to your blog! My weekend was amazing and fantastic and any other positive adjective you could put on it. Someone found my blog by searching “am I supposed to be alone forever?” Hahaha made me feel good 😉 Favorite cake is funfetti 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh I hope you find an apartment!!! Stressful but fun!!

    My weekend was fantastic– full of good solid workouts 🙂

    I am not a cake perosn… I am more of a cookie/ice cream/ apple cobbler girl 🙂

    • oh man I hope so too. I think I might have. Crossing my fingers.
      I’m so jealous of your weekend. I can’t remember the last time I had a good solid workout. Tomorrow!!! It will happen!
      I’m not huge on cakes either. We were seriously meant to be friends.

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