My Life is in Piles

Well folks, if all goes well today, I will have a new apartment by tomorrow. Cross your fingers, send lucky vibes, pray or do whatever it is you do that works for you and send it my way so that this all works out and I can move in on Saturday. Then at least I could move my piles that are accumulating in my room to a different city. I have donation piles, throw away piles, and piles of things that I haven’t had time/energy/desire to sort quite yet. My room is becoming a mess. I don’t even know how in just a few short days I need to have all this stuff packed on a truck…which I haven’t even booked yet! Ahh!


New employee orientation went great! I actually felt really nerdy and really enjoyed it. I think that means I’m going to really like this job. I’m pretty stoked for it. It just seems right up my ally and this company seems pretty awesome. I mean, they take breaks during the day for yoga and stretching, have monthly potlucks and sign up for mud runs together. How cool is that?!

You know, all of this happening so fast, but all falling together so well, has really made me so grateful for this experience. Change is hard. It’s not fun. It’s not always welcome. But it’s necessary. I just feel so calm about this, so I know this change is only going to be for my good. I will become a better, happier, more fulfilled person because of this change. I love that I get to share this journey with all of you.


Don’t forget that tomorrow night is the next edition of the Blogsmarter chat! These are so wonderful!! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend. I am booked on Wednesday for one last roommate bonding time. I hate all of these “lasts”. They hurt.


Are you a pile maker?? I have to admit, I make piles even when I’m not preparing to move. It’s my own version of messy, I guess.

Are you good at handling change?

If you attend the Blogsmarter chat, do you promise to tell me all about it??!!! Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “My Life is in Piles

  1. Thank you for being so sweet and promoting our chat!
    I can’t wait to hear about your big adventure. Hugs and positive thoughts! xo

  2. I am a piler and it’s something I learned from my mom. I usually tire of it pretty quickly, but it still is a habit I am not happy with! I currently have a pile of things growing to take to Costa Rica with me…instead of putting things in a suitcase, I’m throwing them in a corner. I’m becoming better at handling change, but I am a planner for sure. I’m learning to stop planning so much and to accept change as a growth opportunity and not as something horrifying and terrible. Good luck with everything!!

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