See ya laters

Last night was another round of see ya laters. I had a fun dinner put on by some good friends and coworkers. I love them so much. Leaving my friends is most definitely the hardest part of this move.


They FORCED me to eat this “Pink Zebra”, a raspberry shake with chocolate. They even bought it for me! Mean, mean friends 😉


Then Steph and I HAD t o hold baby Melolini. She made us. I mean, she looked at us for like .00003 seconds. What were we supposed to do?! First she fell asleep again in Steph’s arms after waking up for a bit.


Then she wouldn’t stop squirming in mine once the camera came out, so I had to hold her hand so she wouldn’t block her cute face. I love the double chin she’s got going on. Too cute!!!


It was a wonderful dinner and I can’t wait to have this happen again soon! I will only like 1.5 hours away, so I plan on coming back to visit whenever possible 🙂 Well, you know, within reason. Gas prices are still kind of high..

Tomorrow is my goodbye roommate extravaganza. I don’t know when I’m going to pack! Oh and my housing plans fell through, so I still have to figure that out. It’s been a crazy, crazy week.

Today is a strength training day. I’m so excited. I really do enjoy getting in a little strength and then a little cardio. It’s nice to change up my workouts.

What did you have for dinner last night?

Where did you last eat out with a group of friends?


8 thoughts on “See ya laters

  1. Last night I had Mongolian BBQ with my dad and sister!! So good!
    And I LOVE strength training!! my favorite! keep it up!!

    That pic of you and Melolin is adorable!! You look so pretty!

    Sorry about the housing!! bahh so frustrating… I will keep praying for ya! Something will work out I know it!

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