I’m so not ready for a marathon

As I write this, I am totally and completely wiped out! I may or may not make much sense through the rest of this post. You’ve been warned!

Yesterday I got in a 15 mile run for my marathon training. Um, that’s a long way to run!! I created my course on MapMyRun.com before I left, so I would know where to go in order to hit the right mileage and it took me a good 20 minutes to perfect the course, because I had to keep adding to it and changing it here and there to make it longer.

The weather was awesome. I never felt very hot (maybe because I ran through every sprinkler I saw…it was awesome) and I planned my course to go by two parks so I could get in some water breaks. I really need to buy a water belt. That would have helped a ton! I did get to run by some of my favorite places, so that was nice.


I took it really slowly and my knees did end up hurting quite a bit throughout the run. But I did it! I have no idea though after that run how I’m going to be able to do 11 more. I barely made it to 15! I really need to amp up my training fast! However, I was very proud that I could go that far and there’s this one devil hill that always kills me that I rocked. So overall, it was quite a successful run.

When I got home, I stretched and decided lying on the floor was a great idea. It felt awesome. Also, I was EXHAUSTED all day long, just like I always am after racing halfs. Those of you who frequently run longer mileages, how do you do it and still function the rest of the day?! I was totally dead! Don’t let the picture fool you. I was just happy to be done 😉


I spent the afternoon doing a few different things (include a nap. a beautiful, blessed nap) and went to a friend’s wedding reception. My roommates and I had our last roommate dinner and then I really jumped hard into packing. I packed for a few hours and I’m nearly done. It’s really strange to have my life comprised in boxes. However, I am very proud of the size of the piles of things I am getting rid of. So cleansing!


It was a good day. A busy, draining day. It will be nice when all this moving business is done and over with and I can start settling into my new life. I can’t believe this is really, truly happening. It still doesn’t quite feel real.

Did you get in a long run this weekend?

Ok, seriously you guys, how do you keep up your energy for the rest of the day after such a long run??

If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? I think I would go to Boston. At least for a little bit. I just love that city.


17 thoughts on “I’m so not ready for a marathon

  1. I hear ya on the long runs! I’m also training for a full and have been doing double digits on my long runs. This morning I ran 14 miles! Yikes! It felt like I was running for days….. I do a little resting after but, can’t fully rest due to a toddler in the house, so I wear my compression socks all day and probably tomorrow too! Also I drink lots of water too! Good luck with your training 🙂

  2. Nice work on the long run! If I could move anywhere I would move to California… after the first week in August I’ll let you know if San Diego is the way I expected it to be. If so, then there 😉

  3. I’ve tried several methods of in-run hydration. I hated the running bottle in the hand and the water belt. I just didn’t like having that stuff sloshing around my waist. Then, I tried the Camelbak Rogue. I *love* it and highly recommend it for long runs!

  4. I’ve found that whatever distance we plan to run, that’s as far as we can go. Usually it’s a mind thing! In a few more weeks, 15 miles will seem way easier!

    I saw Cori’s post above about SD! I was just there yesterday…so beautiful and fun, but way colder than I was expecting!

  5. I’m always completely wiped after my Sunday long run. I’ve started getting up and fitting my run in a little earlier and then when I get back, heading straight for a nap. I let myself sleep until I naturally wake up before ‘starting the day again’, as though I never went out for the run in the beginning. I find my mind is pretty gullable and this tends to work!

  6. Whoa, I can’t imagine those miles! I feel bad for like a half hour after my long runs, b ut then I typically get energy. Unless my stomach acts up and then its a day that turns into a miserable one lol Congrats, though! You are going to be awesome at the marathon!

  7. Great job finishing your 15 miler! When I was training for a marathon (my first) in April, I found the 15 miler to be one of the most difficult. The following week I did 17, and it was not as bad. It’s a lot of work, so you’re supposed to be tired! I found taking a little nap later in the afternoon helped. Good luck to you! Just stick to your training plan, listen to you’re body, and you will do great!

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