“Check Engine” lights are kind of important

In case you live in Utah and were busy enjoying all the festivities yesterday, here is a link to yesterday’s post, dedicated to Pioneer Day!

Also, I had the opportunity to guest post for Patty yesterday over at Reach Your Peak. Check out the post here.

So yesterday I’m driving to work and the “Check Engine” light keeps turning on and off on my dashboard. I’ve never had that light turn on before and since it was going on and off, I figured maybe it was just a short in the circuit. I mean, my car is a 1994. I have a window that won’t roll up or down anymore. It’s totally plausible I would have a short in the lights on the dash. So there I am, driving and minding my own business, when I pull of the freeway, stop at a red light and all of this steam starts coming out of my hood and even coming through my vents into my car.

What?!! This is something that I’ve only seen in movies or something. Not something that’s happened to me. So I called my dad (they’re great for handling these kinds of situations) and once I got to my work just a few blocks later, he had me open my hood and tell him where the steam/smoke was coming from. My radiator. So after work, a tow truck came to get my car and we took it to a shop. I should hear today what the exact problem is. Hopefully it doesn’t involve too much $$$. Luckily my little sister just bought a car for college, so I get to drive that little clunker to work. Crossing my fingers that it doesn’t die on me, too!


Last night my family and I went to the local celebration at the park. It ended up being more fun than I thought it would be. At one point, we saw these people up at the top of one of those fire truck lifts and all of a sudden they dropped watermelon from there! My mom and  I were standing a little close since we were trying to see what was going on and we both got hit with flying watermelon pieces! It’s crazy how far those things can fly!


We listened to a couple different bands and then watched the fireworks. Fireworks are my favorite, so I love having another holiday where we get to watch them. It’s the best.


In other news, if you know anything about me, you know that I take my birthday very, very seriously. It’s the best day of the year. Not just my birthday, but all birthdays. I just love birthdays. But obviously mine is my favorite. Anyway, today is my half birthday! Woohoo! In just 6 little months will be my golden birthday (when you turn the age of your birthday. So I’ll be 25 on the 25th). This calls for a big celebration! Good thing I have 6 months to figure out something awesome to do 😉 For today, I think I’ll just celebrate with some froyo.

Well, I have a busy day so I better get started. Have a great Thursday everyone! The weekend is almost here!!!

Have you had a car break down? What was wrong? 

Are you obsessed with birthdays too?

Have you had your Golden Birthday yet? Did you/will you celebrate big?


4 thoughts on ““Check Engine” lights are kind of important

  1. I’ve never had a car just completely break down. My first car had an oil leak and I had to stop once every couple of weeks and put in a quart of oil… It also dropped a drive shaft in the middle of a busy intersection in my town. I was this 16-year-old girl driving my friends to school and all of a sudden my car wouldn’t go because the drive shaft is what propels it forward apparently. Nice… LOL

    I love my birthday. No one ever makes a huge deal out of it, but I love it anyway. I’m not one of those people that dreads my birthday each year. I normally don’t like being center of attention, but I’ll allow it when my birthday comes around. I like celebrating other people’s birthdays too… not just mine.

    My golden birthday was in 2011 when I turned 27. I spent my birthday weekend in Chicago at a convention meeting some of my favorite actors. It was an amazing weekend that I will never forget!!!

  2. Happy half birthday!! My half birthday is on Christmas, so I like to think the whole world is celebrating my half birthday as well.

    And with your check engine light, doesn’t it always seem to happen that way? Once you think it’s something, it’s nothing but if you figure it’s nothing, your car is getting towed. Hopefully it doesn’t cost too much!!

  3. Oh boy, that sucks about your car. I used to drive a 99 ford escort where the check engine light would always go on and would always have to take it into the auto repair place. The last straw for that car was when my hubby was driving it on the freeway and it stopped completely and he was stranded on the side of the freeway and had to have a tow truck take it to the auto mechanic where we had to say good bye to my very first car (it was going to be wayyyyy too much money to fix the problem). That is why now I was always freak out when the check engine light goes on on my new car. My golden birthday was 14 years ago, when I turned 16. Yikes, I’m going to be 30 in less than 2 months!! :-/

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