Good bye middle school

I am happy to report that my car was fixed for half of the originally quoted price (pays to call around for a better deal) and I am now back to being a (somewhat) independent result. Still working on the apartment situation…I really need to fix that soon!!

Yesterday was my last day of training and Monday I get set loose at work. Crossing my fingers that all goes well. haha

After work yesterday, I picked up my sister and we met up with one of my old college roommates. We went to see Monster’s University (way cute!) and then went to Noodles and Co for dinner. Yum! Usually I get the Penna Rosa but this time I so strangely branched out (if I find something I love at a restaurant, I always always order it) and got some sort of Pesto something. It was good too!

Of course I waited until there was no natural light to get a picture of us three. Oops.


Guys, you want to know something sad? They’re tearing down my old middle school! Like, it is mostly torn down! I don’t know why that makes me so sad, but it totally does. Good memories you know? Plus I’ve always loved school. I think this is all weird because I guess everyone is supposed to hate middle school since it’s the most awkward years of your life (they totally were) and everyone is dying to get out of there to go to high school (I was cool with the progression. not too fast, not too slow). But I didn’t hate it. I loved middle school. Oh well. My first elementary school isn’t a school anymore and now my middle school is demolished. One of my two high schools better be on the look out!


Busy day today!!! I have a 17 (ahem…yeah 1-7) mile run today. ***Update: Ended up doing 11 miles of hills. I’ll talk more about it tomorrow ** Then we’re driving back to my old place to pack all my stuff into a UHaul. I then have to DRIVE THE UHAUL!!! Gah! It’s going to be an interesting day.

Well better get started! Have a happy Saturday!

Have you seen Monsters University?

Did you like middle school? or I am really that weird?

What are you doing today? Any long runs?


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