Moving Out Day

So yesterday’s run didn’t go as planned. I had wanted to do 17 miles because I want to get up to at least 20 before my marathon. So mapped out a course on MapMyRun and it was all set to go. By the time I was 3.5 miles in I could tell it wasn’t going to be a good run. I was dehydrated. I felt like I had zero energy. Plus my parents’ neighborhood and surround areas are super hilly. I almost turned back right then and there. I knew that after this point, I wouldn’t really have access to water.

But I didn’t. Somehow I talked myself into going until another point and seeing how I felt then. After that I kept going a little further, then a little further. At one point, I realized I really was very dehydrated and didn’t know if could do another 1+ hours of running and not have access to water. So I changed my route a little bit to head home (back up many hills. I had already conquered one very large hill). I stopped by a park to drink some water and then powered on home.

It wasn’t the best run. Not by a LONNNGGGG shot. It wasn’t even very good. I truly felt awful and completely out of energy. Dehydration and a week of a lot, a lot of things not going as planned were my downfall. But I had to remind myself that 11 miles of hills is still a great work out. It’s not like these were little wussy hills either. I now have a goal for buying a water belt this week so I can go as long as I need to for the rest of my marathon training. Suggestions?? I’m thinking something like this with smaller bottles.


Then my mom and I drove up to get all my stuff out of my old house. My dad had to work, but he met up with us later. I had tried sending out cries for help on social media for big strong men to help us move the heavy stuff, since I own all my bedroom furniture and a dryer (my washer died. sad day) but hadn’t heard anything. So I texted a friend and asked her if she could find anyone. When I finally arrived at my place after quite a wait at the UHaul place, these four guys were there ready to help. I am soooooo grateful for their willingness to come help me move. They are studs!


Yes, I am in fact, on my tip toes. Someone made a joke about being able to see me over the box (#shortyproblems), so I just had to make sure you could all see me. πŸ™‚ Seriously, couldn’t have done it without these guys! Thanks again!!! Now for an apartment to move in to….

On the drive home, my parents decided we needed to stop at a local favorite steakhouse (I swear everything there is delicious!) so I said “Ok, I’ll let you take me to an awesome restaurant where I will eat back my entire run”. It was the least I could do after they helped me move. πŸ˜‰ Here they are playing on their iPhones. Parents these days….haha probably should have told Dad I was about to take a pictures. Oops.


Even though this whole move hasn’t exactly gone as planned, it still hasn’t been half bad. I am so grateful for my family, especially my parents, for my friends and for how truly blessed I really am.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Ok seriously, any recommendations for water belts? My friend told me she loves her Ironman one. Any others I should look at?

Did you get help the last time you moved?Β 

Favorite restaurant! Go!


9 thoughts on “Moving Out Day

  1. I have a thing that straps on your hand so you don’t have a big ole belt thing going on. It’s called a Fuel Belt and it has a bottle and then a little zipper pocket that is perfect for shot bloks.
    Fave restaurant is called Marzano. Come visit and I’ll show you why.

  2. Thanks for sharing your water challenges during your recent run. Good for you for hanging in there and continuing to press on. I have used a number of hydration options since I started running. I totally poo-poo’d hydration belts when I first started. But my distance wasn’t that long initially. I stuck with handhelds by Nathan for short runs (between 2-6 miles). Once I started running for longer periods of time I realized that I would rather have my hands free. So I transitioned to the Nathan waist belt. The large quick draw bottle fits in this back positioned hydration pack. Accessing the water was relatively easy and I did not have multiple bottles. My only complaint is that the waist pack rode up as I ran. So on the eve of my 2nd half I picked up the fuel belt R20 at the Rock n Roll expo. This was the best decision of my running life, this far. There is a pocket for my phone and the bottles do not slip nor does the belt rise during my run. The best part is that the opening is Velcro. I can cinch this belt as tight or as loose as needed with fear. I later discovered the loops for Gu. I am still working on that one. I generally fill my bottles with propel or homemade replacement fluid and drink water at the water stations during races. I only have 2 bottles so for a marathon you may need more water. But I have read and witnessed runners refilling their bottles mid-run. I have included links below to all of the hydration packs. I still use my handhelds for shorter runs. I hope that this helps.


    Fuel belt

  3. I have been thinking about getting a hydration belt too; since my long runs are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer I have been struggling with getting enough water on my runs too. My 20 oz hand held water bottle isn’t cutting it these days. My hubby did find a camelbak backpack in the closet this weekend so maybe I will give it a try soon. I just don’t know if the backpack will be too heavy for me to have on my back while trying to run 16+ miles this coming Sunday?! Let me know what you decide. Have you ever run with a camelbak backpack? Good luck! I am right there with you!! πŸ™‚ Have a good day!! πŸ™‚

    • I haven’t tried that yet but I do have a small one that I’ve been considering trying. I need to figure something out though so I can really get a good long run in this weekend. Let me know how that works for you! Glad we’re in this together πŸ™‚

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