Car Lessons from Dad

Yesterday was my first day set loose at my new job and you guys, I loved it! I probably need to be knocking on wood right now because I totally don’t know even close to everything I need to know to be super stellar, but so far so good. I really enjoyed myself and I was the last one to leave. These people leave the second it’s closing time. Totally the opposite of what I was used to at my other job! haha

After we watched a dramatic and heartbreaking episode of the Bachelorette (not really a spoiler if you’ve been paying attention at all), my dad decided my sister and I needed a lesson in car mechanics. We went over everything under the hood.


Next time we’re going over changing a tire and jumping the car if the battery dies. It’s embarrassing that I don’t already know these things. Good thing my dad is willing to teach us! I’m at a total loss when it comes to cars! I figure that’s why we have AAA right?

Here was my workout today from “Run Less, Run Faster”.


My times for the sets ended up 6:03 ,6:08,6:07 ,6:14 ,6:14 ,6:18. Apparently I got tired 🙂 But I did the workout a little faster than prescribed because I felt like I could. It was a good workout. I liked breaking it up into smaller increments so that it didn’t seem so bad, since running on the track isn’t my favorite. At least I had Jillian Michaels and her producer, Janice, to keep me company. Those two are hilarious. Seriously, if you like listening to podcasts, you need to try the Jillian Michaels podcast. It is by far my favorite.

Do you know very much about cars?

What do you think Des is going to decide on next week’s finale episode??

Tell me something random.


8 thoughts on “Car Lessons from Dad

  1. I learned a few things from my dad and step dad over the years about cars… I can change my own oil, change a flat tire, and I’ve even changed a battery in one of my cars. Don’t call Nascar though… I probably don’t remember 1/2 of what I learned now that it’s been so long.

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