Amazing concert and the worst run ever

First of all, here are pictures from the concert on Friday. Holy cow it was AMAZING!!!! So much fun! Also, we were more than pleasantly surprised to have freaking amazing seats. We were so close. It was the best.

Lee Brice – we got there toward the end of his set, but I did know the songs he played



Next up was Chris Young. I am terrible at knowing who sings what songs, so I was excited to know so many of his songs!



This is me and my friend Lisa right before Brad come on! The sun was setting at this point so the picture quality went down. Also my phone died so the next three pictures are the last ones I got of the whole concert. It was sad.


Brad Paisley! So.Much.Fun!! Wow, he is such an amazing musician and the concert was just a good time. Loved every second of it. I would totally go again and again.

photo 2

photo 1

Yesterday I did an 18 mile run and you guys, it was a total disaster. Like, complete disaster. The first 9 miles were fine. It was the 9 back that did me in. It took me quite a bit longer to complete than I ever wanted it to and I was so miserable. I did have a camelback with me and that really did help a ton!!! Without it, I definitely would have been done for. Please tell me it gets better because I only have 6 weeks until my marathon and I have no idea how I’ll complete it. At this point is seems impossible.

Is this something any of you experienced when training for your first marathon? I mean, I AM pushing my body quite a bit further than I have before, so this could be completely normal. haha I am going to blame going to bed late because of the concert (tired body) and the heat (I ran midday. I never do that. It was soo hot).

What have you so far this weekend?

Did you get a run in?

Advice from any of you who have completed marathons before?


11 thoughts on “Amazing concert and the worst run ever

  1. Hi Alyssa!
    Congrats on finishing 18 miles! I’m training for my first marathon as well and know exactly how you feel. My “bad” runs actually happen during the shorter runs though. For some reason I’m having the hardest time with my 6 and 7 milers in the middle of the week. I had 14 miles yesterday, which is the farthest I have ever run, and while it was definitely challenging, I enjoyed it more than my 6.5 run on Wednesday morning? Do you ever experience this?

  2. DON’T FREAK YOURSELF OUT!!! You are doing great!! YES I absolutely had awful runs like while training for the marathon… what counts is that you were out there and your feet were pounding the pavement and your legs were getting used to “moving” and “working” for that long. You still got out of the workout exactly what you were supposed to!
    Also, don’t think every long run (or the marathon) will be like that! There are always 1.5 million factors that contribute to whether or not you feel good on a run! I mean think back on all your runs in your life…. you can run at the same time, eat the same thing at the same time before, wear the same thing, get the same amount of sleep…. and one day you have a great run and the next you have an awful run!! haha that is the beauty of running! We gotta get through those bad days and keep pursuing the good ones!!

    So glad you had a great concert! LOVE country šŸ™‚

    • Andrea you are awesome. Also you’re so so right. Every run is different and I totally was freaking myself out. I think I need to step up my weekday workouts but at least I’m doing it all. I still have 6 weeks. This will be fine.

  3. I have no advice because obviously I’m new to marathon training too. I slump when training gets to be too much and I haven’t taken a cut back week. I think the fact that you DID 18 miles is awesome. Now that you know you CAN, the next time around will be much easier. Did you go out too fast in the beginning? Were you refueling throughout the run? Were you in pain, or just tired? I’m super impressed you got out there, because I’m lacking motivation to even lace up!

    • I do think I probably went too fast at the beginning. My pace was all over the place because I felt so good at first haha good luck on your training too! Seriously lacing up just to go out is half the battle. I feel ya.

  4. I just wanted to add that right now you are constantly training on tired legs. During the last few weeks, you should be tapering you mileage, which will allow your muscles to rest and repair. If done correctly, you will feel fresh and ready on race day. Make sure you are fueling during your long runs as well. Good luck! As long as you stick to your training, you will find the strength to finish your marathon!

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