Wednesday Wonderfuls

Hello friends! It just feels like a Wednesday Wonderfuls kind of a day, don’t you think?

1) The view from my parents’ porch. Awesome. I never get over how much I love the mountains!


2) Naked and Afraid. It seems weird at first but this show is actually pretty awesome. I would last all of 5 minutes, so I completely respect these people who can survive 21 days in these conditions. Not to mention the fact that they’re naked in front of people…all the time.


3) THIS list of 10 Running Misconceptions (since this is a running blog after all).

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 10.28.35 PM

4) My awesome parents who have let me bunk with them longer than expected as the house hunt continues. Who knew it would be this difficult?! I sure didn’t. I’m trying really hard to mix up my wardrobe so my work doesn’t think I only own 5 shirts.


5) My current song obsession is Hunter Hayes’ “I Want Crazy”. If I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, that just goes to show that I’m not lying about the obsession.

6) Football season is just around the corner! Woohoo! Can’t wait to see my Aggies dominate!

dnews 0930fbcaggies.spt   ja

7) This also means FALL is just around the corner! It’s my favorite! This picture is real life here in Utah, y’all. It’s awesome.


We’ll end on lucky #7. Today is a strength work out, then lots of work and another potential apartment viewing later tonight. Crossing my fingers that this is the one!

What are your Wednesday Wonderfuls?

Can you identify with any of the running misconceptions?

What is your favorite season??


13 thoughts on “Wednesday Wonderfuls

  1. I love the ‘Wednesday Wonderfuls’ concept! My Wednesday Wonderful is taking my dog for his first ever official marathon training run with me. He did great, I was so proud of him for knocking out a stellar 4 miles without skipping a beat. He’s a bit ADD so I’m always a little apprehensive of taking him running with me, but we’ve been working on it and it’s paid off, he did fab. This means no more lonely runs for me and a great workout for him 😀

    I totally identify with all of those running misconceptions! I feel like us runners can be a little hard on ourselves, it’s nice to be reminded that it’s OK to go slow, or take a break. It doesn’t mean failure, it means just the opposite. It takes a lot to recognize when you need to tone it down and then follow through with that.

    I love summer, I really do. But fall has a special place in my heart, the holidays start kicking in, the leaves change color which is the epitome of beauty around here since we’re surrounded by forests and trails, talk about a runner’s paradise! The picture of Utah in the fall legit does not look real, it looks like a painting.

    • oh yay for having a doggy running buddy! That’s so great. In high school I tried running with me dog a few times but it just didn’t work out haha

      Agreed, so important to listen to your body!!

      Sounds beautiful!! Where do you live??

      • aww haha Charlie was like that at first, it’s taken me a while to get him to not send me flying into trees or traffic, or both because of a squirrel or something.

        I live in south-western Ontario, just across the river from Detroit. Trails start right at the end of my street and we’re surrounded by them, I won’t lie I’m pretty lucky to have such great places to run, nature never gets old 🙂

  2. Amen on the mountains. I am positive my life would be better if I woke up to mountains every morning.
    SO PUMPED for football season! Seriously love everything about it! It screams fall and pretty-ness and cookouts and tailgating and sports… yay!
    And I totally stumbled across Naked and Afraid last week on T.V and at first I was like, Um…. but i couldn’t stop watching!!! I also just love the title. Telling people you are watching Naked and Afraid just gets a great reaction 🙂

    Hang in there with apartment hunting girl!!! I really believe the perfect one for you is out there! Maybe it will be the one tonight, maybe one down the road! But it is somewhere! It is awesome that you can stay with your family! You are obviously a great, kind daughter and I am sure they LOVE having you around 🙂 Parents love that sort of thing!!
    Have a great workout! 🙂

    • With every comment, you and I become more and more alike. I love it! and thanks for the nice encouragement! I really liked the place tonight! I just have to sign the paperwork and put down the deposit.

      • whoo-hoo!!!
        I know right?!?! Next time I am out there for skiing/race/vacation/whatever, we are definitely meeting up!!
        Yay you go get that apartment girl!

  3. As much as I love Fall, I love Summer so much more – and Fall means Winter is fast approaching – my least favorite time of year that lasts waaaay too long in MN! I’m enjoying every last minute of Summer 🙂

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