I Can Do This

Saturday I pulled back a little and did a 12 mile run. It was awesome!!! It really, truly was. I think the biggest factor in my disaster run last week was the insane heat. I was running on black asphalt right smack in the middle of the day. I decided that wasn’t going to happen again, so I left quite a bit earlier and I could already tell at the beginning of my run that it was going to make all the difference in the world. I didn’t feel over heated. I didn’t feel the need to drink too much water, leading to my stomach feeling sloshy. I actually didn’t feel like I need much of anything. I only ate two Shot Blocks, where last week I consumed all six in the packet. I felt good.

I also got to meet and run for a little bit with a lady who is training for the New York Marathon! It was great to talk to her for a little bit and she was very encouraging. That’s one thing that I love about running. You never hear a runner tearing another runner down. We all know how hard this is and how much work it takes. We’re all very supportive of one another.

I finished in 2:04:29 for a 10:22/mile average, which was a lot more on pace than last week. I think my goal for the marathon is somewhere between 10-10:30/mile (but let’s be honest, I really just want to finish!), so this fit perfectly, especially considering the road I ran on has some rolling hills. The marathon will be completely downhill for the first 17 miles and then fairly flat for the last 9.2. So I’m starting to think this is a realistic pace for me to keep. Saturday was the first time I thought that maybe I can really, really do this.

Saturday night I went to the movies with my sister. Despicable Me 2. We nearly had the theater to ourselves! But really so few people came in that it wasn’t even close to full. The movie was so cute. I liked it a lot. I know, another cartoon movie. Oh well. Still trying to keep her young 🙂 It’s her last week at home this week! Crazy!


Well, folks, 5 weeks til marathon time! It’s coming up faster than I would like but at the same time it’s exciting. These next couple of weeks will be crazy. I’m still working both my old job and my new job for the rest of August and this week there will also be helping my sister get all her final preparations together before we take her to college on Saturday! Next week I’ll be driving back and forth to physically be at both my jobs all week. That’s 1.5 hours each way. That will be exhausting. But it will also be great to see all my friends and coworkers from my old stomping grounds.

For those of you in training, how is it coming along?

Anyone else seen Despicable Me 2?

What did you do this weekend??

Anyone else see Despicable Me 2??



12 thoughts on “I Can Do This

  1. Way to go girl!! So glad you felt great!! You totally got this… you have been working hard and when you get on that start line, your adrenaline will be through the roof haha I KNOW you will finish, so don’t question that for a second!

    My training is going pretty well too! I have not gotten into the high mileage yet or anything… so we will see how i feel when i get to that point!!
    i have never seen either of the despicable me movies! I have heard they are cute though 🙂
    have a great dayy! 🙂

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