Are they still called “books on tape”?

Last night my mom made peach jam. I’m soo excited to try this with breakfast! Yum!


It’s funny because I don’t like to eat peaches by themselves but things like peach jam, peach greek yogurt, peach flavored anything is super good to me! I just can’t explain it. I’m just a weirdo.

So I found out yesterday that another girl at my work is doing the same marathon that I am! How fun is that! Except this is her…get this….11th marathon! What??!! She’s a rock star! She told me she just does these races for the medals ahaha That’s a long way to run just for a medal. I hope she has one of those cute hanger things to display them on. (which ps I want one! Christmas is only 4 months away…just sayin)

Yesterday I went for an 11 mile run. I was supposed to keep a 10:18 pace but ended up averaging at 9:48. I could tell I was going faster than I should have but I just felt so strong! So I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slide to get in a great workout. It’s the strongest I have felt in a long time and I was loving it!! Remember when 11 miles was my longest run ever and now it’s my mid-week run? This marathon business is crazy. My legs are pretty tired lately though, so I think today will be a pilates day.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I’m on a podcast craze rather than listening to music on my runs. I just got annoyed with my music and I love listening to conversation. I’ve also thought about getting a “book on tape” (I know it’s not on tape…but I don’t know what to call it) so yesterday I signed up for the free trial of and got one free book. I decided to download “Better” by Atul Gawande. The first book I read for college was “Complications”, also by this author, and I loved it! So I thought one of his other books would be a great thing to listen to while running. He’s a surgeon and (at least in his other book) he talks about the reality of being a doctor and being human all at the same time. He tells different stories and has a very engrossing way of writing. I also love just about anything medically relate. I can’t wait for Saturday’s long run so I can listen to this for hours!


It’s almost the weekend! We’re so close! It’s going to be a busy one for sure. I also have some surprises for you next week that I can’t wait to tell you about!

Favorite type of jam?

What was the last awesome run/workout you had? 

Have you listened to books on tape? Any recommendations??


6 thoughts on “Are they still called “books on tape”?

  1. I want to run to books on tape…er, iPhone…but I have NO CLUE what would keep me occupied long enough. I’ve been enjoying non-fiction so maybe a Mary Roach book or something. Until then, I’ve been using Pandora so I get random music and now my played-out playlist!

    I love when “long” runs become “normal” runs.

  2. Yes I still call them books on tape 🙂 and I LOVE listening to them! in the car I will pop one in and just zone out on a road trip!! So great! I have never thought to run with one though.. good idea! My dad listened to all the Harry Potters on tape to and from work over the years… He loves them too!

    Last great workout was probably the easy run on Thursday! jsut great weather, very enjoyable 🙂
    WHOO HOOO on a comfy 11 miles! haha Yes it is so funny how that is now a “normal doable” distance!! you are almost there!!

  3. Oftentimes I listen to podcasts when I run because it’s so much more entertaining/distracting that music…I’ve thought about listening to audiobooks before but am a little hesitant. I’d love to hear what you think of it once you get through this book!

    • I listened to my book today on my run and so far so good. It kept me about as entertained as a podcast. However, the book I chose kind of has a podcast feel to it with multiple short stories that all have an overlying theme. I’m not sure how a book with one story and one plot would go

  4. Pineapple jam. DELISH! I was spoiled in Costa Rica with all the special jams/jellies. I don’t really eat anything in the morning, though, that would use jelly, so I don’t really buy it unless I’m making PB&J sandwiches. Unless it would taste good in oats! The last awesome workout I had was Tuesday’s run. I slacked this past week. Oops. I have never listened to any audiobooks, I’m not sure I’d like them! Good luck finding some good recommendations 😀

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