Take me out to the ball game!

My friend Desiree is in town for a week while on break from PA school and my friend Kenzie was coming down for a baseball game, so we all got together last night to cheer on the Salt Lake Bees.


The weather was perfect as we sat on the grass and paid absolutely no attention to the game going on in front of us. I’m pretty sure we lost. However at times there were some brothers play fighting like boys do right next to us, so we did cheer on the little one. Well, my friends did. I still wanted the older brother to win. The oldest kids have to stick together.

I’ve missed my friends so much! That’s one hard thing about moving to a new place. I have no friends anymore haha Ok that’s not totally true, but especially with how busy I’ve been and since I can’t move into my new place until next week, it sure feels like it sometimes.

We got a picture with the Bee. He was kinda gross. I don’t even know how many little kids had hugged him and who knows where they’ve been! Also, we were NOT the oldest people in line for a picture, thank you very much.


I have to admit, I’m not really into baseball all that much. I know it’s a great all-American pastime and everything but it’s just so slow and long! Borrrinngg. I much prefer basketball and football. Those seasons are coming up and I just can’t wait!

But no matter the sport, you can’t deny that this right here looks like a perfect summer night.

photo-2 copy

Yesterday I did some pilates and man am I tight!! I need to do more stretching or something. I was painful inflexible. Today I have a 15 miler. It’s crazy to me that this now sounds like a normal amount to run for a long run. The race is now 4 weeks away and if you look at the count down on the right sidebar it’s now counting in DAYS! Ahh!

Have a happy and productive Saturday!!!

What are your plans this weekend?

Do you enjoy baseball? If not, what’s your favorite sport?


11 thoughts on “Take me out to the ball game!

  1. Baseball is easily my favorite sport to watch. Whenever I go to games though I constantly catch myself either people watching or chatting away with whomever I’m there with and totally not paying attention to the game haha

    I hope your run today goest well! I’m starting my taper week for my half coming up next Saturday!

  2. Oh my.. it always gets scary when the countdown goes to days! lol I agree about baseball. it is something easy and cheap to go to, but really, it’s so long and boring! Haha I never know who wins. I go when they have free shirt fridays, or fireworks!

  3. That’s so exciting that your race is so close! I’m not really a baseball fan. I like going to the games with friends because I like to socialize and tickets are usually cheap, but the game itself is long and I feel like very boring. My favorite sports are tennis and volleyball, but those aren’t big sports that are really televised often lol. My favorite sport that is popular is basketball; I think basketball games are so fun to watch!

    • My old roommate was huge into tennis and she would watch tournaments on TV. haha kinda funny to me since I didn’t really grow up with it. But I think it would be fun to actually play!

  4. I am totally with you on the baseball thing. it is fun to go, talk with friends,enjoy the summer night…but actually WATCHING?? no thanks. Boooooringgggg! I LOVE basketball and football so so much!! can’t wait!!
    Yay for the 15 miler! I am doing a longer one tomorrow I hope!

  5. It’s been forever since I have been to a baseball game!! I mainly just like going to people watch! Yikes, your race is coming up fast! You will do great πŸ™‚ Isn’t it funny how our double digit long runs are no big deal these days, as we get closer to our marathons?!

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