Empty Nesters

Today my parents officially become empty nesters as we take my little sister up to college. It’s weird that she’s old enough to be going. It feels like I should barely be old enough to be going! Life goes by so fast. College was seriously the best time of my life and I’m so excited for her to be starting her own adventure! And yes, I always look that pale next to her. 


My run yesterday was hard but good overall. I conquered some hills that totally killed me the last time I did a long run on this course, so that was great! But again I made the mistake of going out a little too late in the morning and the heat was deathly. I recognized that it was affecting me but chose to not let it get to me like I did last time. It was definitely a good mental toughness building run! 

As I was going through my phone for a picture of my sister and me, I also stumbled upon this treasure. This is why I should never, ever, ever have bangs (again). 


In all seriousness, I have had bangs in the past and I really do look awful. My face is just not cut out for them. It is kind of a regret that I have in life….I’ll never have bangs if I know what’s good for me.

So this week, I will be driving back and forth between my two jobs (3 hours round trip…ugh lots of gas $$) and between that and still getting in my marathon training, I didn’t want to risk neglecting all of you guys! In order for this to not happen, I have lined up some AWESOME guest posts for this week!! Seriously, I’m so excited about them and I’m sooo very grateful to the wonderful ladies I’ll be featuring for helping me out. I hope you enjoy them as much as I already have and who knows, maybe you’ll find a great new blog to follow! 

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!!

How long have your parents been empty nesters?

Do you have/look good in bangs?? (if yes, lucky you!)

Tell me something great from your weekend!


3 thoughts on “Empty Nesters

  1. My parents have been empty nesters for about 6 years. I am the oldest and have been out of the house for almost 12 yrs and my younger brother for 6 years. I have never had bangs so I don’t know how I would look. I did go through a phase where I had very short hair and when I see pictures of that I always ask my family how did I think that looked good?! That sounds like a rough commute. Your marathon training should help you keep sane!! Happy training!

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