Guest Post: Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

Hey guys! So again, since this week is insane and I’ll be commuting between two jobs a couple of hours away from each other every day, I thought this would be a good time to introduce you to some of my favorite bloggers by inviting them to guest post. I’m so excited to share these with you and we’ll just jump right in and start with one of my first blogging friends, Cori. She’s always there for me and encourages me so much, especially in my running pursuits. Enjoy!



Hello See This Girl Run Readers! My name is Cori and I’m the runner behind the screen at Alyssa and I found each other early on and I have loved her blog and been following her ever since. I’m happy to be able to have the opportunity to try entertaining you while she is on a mini blogging break.


A little background on me… I’m a run in the early mornings, teaching by day, and early to bed kind of girl. I drink more tea than any human being should and I’m obsessed with baked plantains. I have ran anywhere from a 5k to full marathons but the 26.2 is what I dig the most. I’m sarcastic, random and half the time I don’t even know where my blog posts come from.

Lucky for you… you will get to witness this today.


It is interesting to discover what you can do when you really push yourself. There have been many times in my life that I have done things that I would have previously thought to be impossible. Some of the biggest are: skydiving, running a 10 mile race for my first organized event, running multiple marathons, packing my car up and moving from WI to NC without a job or knowing anyone in the city I would now call home, and recently signing up for my first Half Ironman. The point is, it is when we challenge ourselves and step outside of our comfort zone that we grow the most. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to exercise, it can be anything that you have found yourself stuck in a comfort rut in. Dare to try something challenging and new then afterwards reflect on how you feel now that you have tried it.

“No one ever accomplishes anything by being comfortable.”

If you don’t believe me check this out… here are six reasons why you should love stretching your comfort zone:
1. You grow- and so does your comfort zone.
2. You feel more confident.
3. You learn new things.
4. You are doing things that most people are not doing.
5. You move faster to your goals.
6. You open up a lot more new opportunities.

So HOW do we do it, what are some tips?

Explore a new hobby. Have you always been interested in painting? Playing an instrument? Commit to exploring it in further detail.
Discover a new book. You know that book that you’ve had sitting on your shelf for weeks (or months…)? Crack it open and give it a chance.
Create a new CONCRETE goal. Instead of focusing on small goals set a realistic concrete goal- like running your first marathon. Make sure you use the SMART goal approach.
Get creative. Paint a picture, try a new recipe, cross off one of the 500 pins you pinned on pinterest.
Volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to give back while meeting new people and experiencing the joy of helping others.
Spend time in nature. When you are in nature you have less around you to cloud your focus on what is important. Spending time in nature helps you check back in with what is important.
Power down. In our society it is extremely easy to let technology suck us in and drain us completely. The battery on our phone may still be charged, but we aren’t. Commit some time to powering down and being IN the moment.

Let’s talk, what are your tips for getting outside of your comfort zone?


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

  1. Love Cori ❤ I get out of my comfort zone by reflecting on what I have done so far and taking that one step further. I'm definitely incredibly comfortable with being on my own and moving new places by myself, but going to CR for 2 weeks with little connection to the outside world and without knowing my co-counselor or any of the campers was something new for me. We had no issues, but it definitely helped me to grow and reflect on myself as a leader!

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