Guest Post: Car Necessities for the Active Lifestyle

Andrea and I have become good friends the last few months and I swear she and I are twins separated at birth. This girl thinks just like I do and is a huge motivator for me! If you look back at comments on my blog, she is constantly cheering me on. So glad you could post for me today, Andrea!


Hey Guys! I am Andrea over at Morning Runner Girl and I am thrilled to be writing a guest post for Alyssa! See This Girl Run was one of the first blogs I started reading and following on a daily basis and it had a huge influence on why I decided to start my own blog! A HUGE thank you to Alyssa 🙂

Quick “about me”– I LOVE to run, be active, and hang out with my family, and God is the Greatest 🙂

OK, on to the good stuff…

Car Necessities (For the Active Lifestyle)

I used to have a very messy car. Not just messy actually… that would be misleading. It was dirty. I have had my car since I was 16, and between cross country, track, college-moving, random road trips, crossfit, gym visits, and daily use… my car had seen better days. It was stocked full of so much STUFF that it started to look a little hobo-ish.

But the great thing about it? I am always prepared for any activity.

Pick up soccer game? No problem, got my old cleats and deflated ball right here.

Basketball? Love me my high-tops!!

Swimming? Cap-CHECK. Suit-CHECK. Goggles-CHECK.

Rollerblading? In the trunk with my tall socks stuffed in them.

Hiking? My Salomon hiking shoes frequently ride shot-gun.

Lacrosse? Got my sisters old stick in the trunk. For real.

Running? Seriously?? Need you even ask??

**Not only did I have the gear for ME to run… I had enough gear for anyone and everyone to run. For some reason that I don’t even understand, I keep all my old running shoes in my trunk. Yep. All of them. That is a LOT of shoes, let me tell you! I have both an irrational fear (like, all my pairs but 1 get stolen) and a vision of victory (friends in flip-flops want to run and I save the day with shoes for all) when I picture a scenario that all 15+ (??) pairs of running shoes will be used.**

Now, not every car needs a lacrosse stick… but every car should be equipped with the following essentials so you can participate in ANY activity at ANY time!

Lets quickly review the Car Necessities For the Active Lifestyle

1. Running shoes (They can be an old pair or new pair. Just make sure they are runnable).

2. Sports Bra (Doesn’t need to be your favorite… doesn’t even need to be clean…)

3. Shorts (Can’t be running in your pencil skirt after work, now can you?? Actually would be quite impressive…)

4. Towel (Variety of uses– swimming, sweaty-ness, wipe off mud/blood(??), situps in the grass…)

5. Socks (stuff them in the running shoes. Again, they can be dirty, but do not risk getting blisters by going without!!)

6.Deodorant (Ya… Just a good idea…)

7. Plastic Bags (I cannot tell you how often I throw muddy shoes, sweaty/wet bras, shorts, socks, into these bags. They take up zero room… so keep lots!!)

8. 2nd Pair of Shoes (Maybe ones you don’t care about or a really old pair of running shoes. These are for any last minute activity that you don’t care about ruining your shoes or scuffing them up–hiking, basketball, mud-pit-playing…)

9. Headband (Personally I HATE having my hair all up in my face when I am trying to get my groove on…)

10. Swimsuit (One piece or two-piece, old or new, its up to you. Just make sure it still has elastic in it if it is an old one… trust me on that one…)

11. Sunglasses (Most people have that in their car, but if they are “fashion” ones, maybe throw in some “athletic” ones as well.)

12. Granola Bar (Need that last minute fuel before your activity! Maybe not a chocolatey one… tend to melt in a hot car)

I have since cleaned my car ((and learned some valuable lessons in the process… read about them HERE)) and disposed of the dirt, grit, grass, twigs, rocks, dead bugs (I wish I were kidding), food, and unknown substances that littered the floor boards and seat.

But my preparedness for anything remains! I still have all my gear neatly packed in my trunk, ready for the last minute activity!

I cannot tell you how many times I have decided, “Looks like a good day to run!!” and pulled over, changed into a sports bra and running shorts ((OK lets be honest… that is all I wear anyways so I was probably already in them…)) and laced up the running shoes! These spontaneous runs usually end up being my favorite 🙂

Love to run

I recommend everyone keep the Necessities in their car for important, crucial moments when the chance for activity arises!

I hope you all have a fantastic day and try to laugh really hard at least once! ((Then come back and tell me what was funny!)) 🙂
Thanks for reading and a BIG THANKS to Alyssa for the opportunity!

Please check out my blog Morning Runner Girl! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Car Necessities for the Active Lifestyle

  1. Haha you read my mind with “2. Sports Bra (Doesn’t need to be your favorite… doesn’t even need to be clean”.. I am ashamed of how many times I have worn one sports bra when in a bind 😉

  2. Great post! Another reason I try to keep some tennis shoes, a t shirt, and pair of shorts in my car is in case of an unforeseen emergency like a flat tire or something. Always good to be prepared!

  3. My car is always FULL of odd bits, but I like to think I’m pretty prepared for most things though. I always have a sports drink in the car and plenty of empty bottles incase I do go out for a run/walk and want to ask a cafe to fill them up with water for me.

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