Guest Post: You are what you eat

Hey, See This Girl Run readers!

I’m so excited to be guest posting for Alyssa today! My name is Danica, and I’m the author behind the blog It’s Progression. I’m a newlywed (you can still say that after a year, right?), a puppy-momma, runner/lover of working out, avid reader, baker, and soon-to-be Certified Health Coach. Feel free to stop by my little corner of the blog world to check out the craziness that is my life anytime!


You are what you eat.

You’ve heard that before, right?! It’s a phrase I used to think was annoying, but now I actually find it amusing. It’s true in many ways – foods can do amazing things to our bodies! They can work for us, or against us, but the awesome thing is that we get to choose what goes into them.

Something I personally struggle with is my complexion – I’ve battled acne since I was a teenager, and while it’s gotten much better in the past few years, its certainly not gone yet. And so I’m working on that. I’m working to heal from the inside out. with food. <–and if you know me, that probably comes as no surprise 😉

This post is short and sweet but reminds us of the foods we should be including in our diets.

What to Eat for a Clearer, Healthier Complexion

As someone who believes diet has a profound impact on my health, I’ve focused my research on foods that I should regularly include in my diet. And I thought that just in case some of you are going through a similar struggle, maybe you’d like to know, too!

Foods for a Better Complexion

Most studies list the following foods as positive contributors to healthy, clear skin. Sulfur and Magnesium are listed as key minerals and the foods high in each of these are indicated below.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil





Hemp Seeds

Macadamia Nuts

Salmon (wild-caught)


Hot Lemon Water


Brazilian Nuts



Green Tea


Sweet Potatoes




high in Zinc:


Cacao (nibs or powder) and Dark Chocolate (80% or higher)

Wheat Germ

Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

high in Sulfur:





Egg Yolks




Are there particular foods you cling to (or stay away from) because of how they impact your skin?


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