I wish I could but I really don’t want to

Ok I seriously cannot get it together. I went all of Tuesday without putting a single thing away. And I don’t really care. But today I am going to change that! Today I am going to put things away! Then maybe by Thursday or Friday I can start hanging things on the wall and by the time the weekend hits…I’ll be officially moved in! If all else fails, it’s a 3 days weekend and I can do it then 🙂 Update: I just promised my roommate (for the sake of my own accountability) that I would get most of this done today. I can do it. I just put away most of my clothes. This is a good start.

Yesterday I got in a 12.5 mile run and it felt pretty good! I finished thinking I was really tired but then after resting for a bit I realized I didn’t feel too bad. I like that! Maybe if I started doing more strength training for my arms, it would get easier too haha

During my run it was actually pretty cool and breezy considering I ran late into the morning. It’s becoming Fall!!! and I love it oh so much! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year (something you’ll read over and over) and especially as it was raining a Fall kind of rain last night, it just all felt so right. This is my time of year.


I got an email this week talking about my marathon and packet pick up and everything. Ahh! You guys it’s getting so, so close! As I was reading the information and then watching a video about it, my adrenaline kicked in and I got so nervous/excited! It’s so soon! Also the way I was able to handle my run today after not running all last week made me think “yeah. I can do this!”. I know I’ve had this moment once or twice before but to be honest most of this training has been filled with “what am I doing?! I can’t do this! I’m going to die!!” So it was nice to have a positive affirmation.

Also last night I had a confirmation that my roommates and I are going to get along just fine. I walked into the living room to find them watching “Friends” and they knew exactly what lines were coming next. My respect for them automatically went up. This could be the start of a beautiful thing. Now I’ll leave you with one of my favorite lines ever, courtesy of Phoebe Buffay, Season 1.


When was your last great run?

Anyone have a race coming up??

Best thing about your Wednesday so far?!


12 thoughts on “I wish I could but I really don’t want to

  1. I’m so glad you’re loving your roommates… Friends is a DEAD giveaway! 🙂
    My last great run was on Sunday (my long run).

  2. I’m so glad you’re getting along with your roommates. Finding good ones can be tough! My last great run was Monday during my long run. My run yesterday was not fun and today I thought I was going to die because it was so hot out. Hopefully tomorrow is a nice run! I have a race coming up on Sept 14 but it’s just a 5k…my first 5k though since my first race was a half marathon! I’m excited and nervous…I’m hoping I can run it speedier than I have been running!

    Best thing about my Wednesday so far was finishing a tough run at a decent speed and then going to the beach 🙂

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