First Time for Everything

For the first time in my life, I have been living with a cat this week. One of my roommates had a cat she’s been housing and so I have been forced to live with a cat. At first we didn’t get along very well. She was always trying to get in my room and that is definitely not allowed. Since I don’t work until the afternoon, Jack and I spent very morning with me trying to avoid her and her following me around wherever I went in the house.


She’s a lot fatter than she looks in that picture haha Even though I’m not the biggest fan of cats and I spent the first few days sneezing the whole time I was home, I don’t have a lot of friends here and this cat and I spent every morning together. So when a new family came to take her away today (something I’ve been looking forward to all week), I actually was a little sad.

So my old college had its first college football game this week. It was a good game but unfortunately we lost. The next day was “wear your favorite college team’s shirt to work” day. You better believe I wore my shirt with pride anyway.


I was at Target (yes!!! I once again live in a town with a Target!!) and I saw this sign as I passed one of the frozen isles. Nothing like pointing out that you’re eating alone haha Oh this made me laugh.


Speaking of funny things at Target, there were two girls in front of me at check out and while they were being rung up one of the girls hands the cashier the tag off her shorts. Turns out she took off the wrong tag, so she ended up having to stretch the tag that was still on her shorts across the counter to the cashier to be scanned. I was so startled that I didn’t even think to take a picture!! I wish I had because it was soo weird!! I just had to ask the cashier if that was normal and she said “no!!! I’m so glad someone else thought that was funny!” She said that sometimes parents will do that for little kids but it was the first time with a grown human. The girl didn’t have any other clothes with her. I have no idea how she entered the store. I doubt a naked girl would have made it too far in public. It was really the strangest thing I’ve seen in a while.

And now I get to start a 3 day weekend! I have no idea what I’ll do but I’m sure it will be great.

Do you have any plans for the long weekend?

Strangest thing you’ve witnessed lately?

Please say you love Target too.


4 thoughts on “First Time for Everything

  1. I also LOVE Target!! When my husband was applying for jobs, I told him my one criteria for our future residence was to have a Target!!! Haha. So I totally know how you feel. 🙂

  2. YAY! USU really should’ve won… (too many stupid penalties though…) Nate and I were sitting in the crowd surrounded by a sea of red, and had a blast. It’ll still be a good football year! I’m the same way with cats… they love me, and I deal with them (or try to if I can’t avoid them). So glad to hear from a girl after my own heart 🙂 P.S. If you need a friend I’m not too far away– Text me and we’ll pick a weekend to catch up (and get fro yo!)

  3. Target is one of my favorite places on the planet. Right now it’s kind of out-of-commission because the students just returned to campus and our Target is within walking distance.
    I picked up a pair of pants on the floor of our Target in the Boys’ section. I thought they belonged on a rack. Nope! These were pants that had been PEED IN and obviously the mom replaced them with Target pants and left the soiled ones on the floor. Y.U.C.K. Who knows if she paid for them!

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