20 Miles Done and Done!

Yesterday it finally happened! I completed my 20 mile training run. And you know what? It really wasn’t all that bad! Don’t get me wrong, it was hard. The last mile seemed to drag on forever and I thought my legs were made of lead. Luckily, when I was struggling to make it through the last .5 mile, I passed an old lady who was really ridiculously fake tan. I must have looked completely miserable because she started doing a cheering dance for me. I’m not even kidding. It was the best and totally got my spirits up. I must look like I’m struggling when I run normally though because the other day I had just started my run (I was maybe .25 miles into it) and I passed three girls about middle school age. They said hi and I said hi back. Then one of them said “You’re doing great! Keep it up!!” It was really sweet and made me laugh. Then I thought about how that girl should be a runner because she’s got the right attitude.

I downloaded a new audiobook (that’s what books on tape are called now. I figured it out) app and for the first half of my run listened to Anne of Green Gables. When I was in 6th grade my best friend and I were OBSESSED with Anne and Diana and all the books. We even called each other Anne and Diana (I was Diana because I have dark hair). So I thought it would be fun to listen to the book! It was actually really entertaining and I loved it! I was having a lot of fun listening to it when lo and behold at mile 9.8 my PHONE DIED!!!! Apparently this app sucks battery life like nobody’s business because my phone was fully charged when I left. Boo!!!


I had a small moment of panic when I realized that I would be running another 10.2 miles with no music, no audiobook, no podcast and no phone. What if something went horribly wrong and I needed to call someone?? What if I couldn’t mentally handle 10 miles with only my thoughts? What if I got bored? What if I had a bathroom emergency and couldn’t call someone to come get me? What if I got lost on my run and didn’t have a phone to help me find my way?!

Luckily, nothing bad happened and I actually ended up completely forgetting that I wasn’t listening to something. I got completely into my run and thinking about the marathon (2 weeks from yesterday!!), how I was feeling, encouraging myself and building myself up. It was wonderful! I really enjoyed it! My only regret is that I wasn’t able to take pictures of some cool things that I saw along the way. So just imagine a family of 3 deer crossing a narrow, tree lined neighborhood street, and the view from a neighborhood that sits along the side of the mountain and you can see the whole valley from where you are.


Overall I was surprised at how well my longest run went. It was very encouraging, although adding another 6 miles to the end of that seemed near impossible. We’ll see! Considering I ran a lot of hills yesterday and my marathon is totally downhill for the first 17 miles, I’m hoping that will make up the difference. I’ll let gravity do a lot of the work for me for a while.

Now to enjoy the day of rest. A rest much needed. Plus the day off work tomorrow! What a great weekend 🙂

Did you do a long run this weekend? 

What was your favorite book/book series growing up?

Do you listen to anything while you run? or do you prefer your thoughts?


29 thoughts on “20 Miles Done and Done!

  1. I’ve been freaking out over the 18 and 20 mile runs coming up on my training plan, and thought I’d Google around to read about other runners’ 20 milers to calm myself, and then your post showed up on my feed like it was fate haha I’m so glad that your run went so well! It’s amazing when you think you can’t pull something off, only to have it end up being kind of awesome.
    My phone didn’t die on my long run, but it was so humid and I was so sweaty that my earphones wouldn’t stay in, so I had to run 10 miles in silence too. It was alright, I prefer music for sure but I survived and it gave me a chance to focus a bit more and think about things.
    It’s always my biggest fear for my phone to die, my link to safety to be completely gone. I can handle no music as long as I have a lifeline in case something goes wrong!
    I swear, the photo-ops always happen when you can’t take a picture!
    Anywho, great run recap and enjoy your very well earned day off! 😀

    • I’m actually surprised at how well it went. I was a little freaked out because my 15 and 18 milers didn’t go that great. I’m sure your runs will be awesome!
      Humidity is the worst! I commend you! and yeah I was most worried about safety when my phone died. But all was well 🙂

  2. You are going to do so great! You’ll kill those extra 6 miles. I recently read some of the Anne books too and also thought they were so cute! Cross country runners will occasionally train in the park behind my house and whenever they do I always want to go set up a card table with cups of water for them and spray them with the hose as they run by. There’s just something about watching people run that makes everyone else want to cheer them on.

  3. Good job!! I had 18 miles yesterday, and it was a hot one! My favorite book series was Babysitter’s Club and Goosebumps 🙂 I go back and forth with music/no music. Yesterday I listened to music for the first 12 or so miles and then got sick of it and took my headphones back to my car. I want to try listening to an audio book soon though!

  4. Hurray for you! No music? That’ s my fear. So much so that I carry a back up ipod. You are my hero. I did my 18 today. My whole relationship with the long run changed when i realized they really are supposed to be slow and there’s a reason for that. I stopped fighting my body. On my 16 I fake interviewed a different celebrity-today I did 18 with my thoughts and they were controlled.

    You are totally awesome

    • whoa you are prepared! Yes the slowing down was a really hard concept for me. But now I just take it as slow as I need to and try to not care about the pace too much. Oh, that’s an interesting way to make time go by. I like it.
      Thank you!!

  5. Today’s long run was 7.7 miles. My longest to date.

    I used to love Anne of Green Gables. Also, Little House on the Prairie. Really, I love anything that comes in book form.

    I need to have some music. If it was just me and my thoughts, I’d probably talk myself out of running altogether!

  6. Congratulations! I do my long runs on Monday, so hopefully I should get it tomorrow! It’s just 8 miles, which is nothing compared to your 20!! Awesome 😀 I definitely love listening to music unless I’m on the beach or in nature somewhere, then I love listening to the environment.

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  8. It’s so funny you mention Anne, because I’m rereading the whole series right now! They’re my absolute FAVORITE of all books. Also, YAY for 20 miles! You’re awesome. Can’t wait to hear all about the marathon! You’re going to rock it.

  9. Congrats on the 20 miler!! Sorry I’m late to the party… Catching up on all the blogs I follow!! Since I have been increasing my mileage for my long runs I have been running into some issues with my iPod/phone/ garmin. I think it has to do with extra moisture for me. When I use my phone to listen to music I have an armband that I use and sometimes after only 10 miles it starts freakin out on me! I have had to use a paper towel into between my garmin and my arm so my sweat doesn’t affect the watch. I had my 2nd 18 miler on Sunday! Yikes. It did go better than the 1st 18 miler.

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