Be a Friend

Thank you all so much for all the love and congratulations on my 20 miler. You guys sure know how to make a girl feel good!

I have to admit that this last week has been a little difficult for me in one aspect in particular: I don’t really have many friends here and I have been feeling a little lonely. While I have always been someone how enjoys spending time alone, there’s been a little bit too much time alone and I really look forward to being at work and interacting with my coworkers and participants that call in. However, this isn’t something that I wasn’t expecting or that I expect to last for a long time. I know that when you move to a new area, it takes time to make new friends and create a social network. That’s just how it works and I’m fine with that.

Yesterday at church I noticed a recurring theme of people feeling left out, lonely, craving friendship and companionship. These weren’t people who were also new and in a transition stage like me. These were people who had felt this way for a good chunk of their lives, made to feel like they don’t fit in. My heart broke for them. Because while yes, I have felt this way from time to time as I’m sure we all have, it’s not an emotion that I constantly battle and have to learn how to be cheerful despite these emotions.

There was also a lot of discussion about being a true friend to someone and about our congregation becoming closer knit. (although even thought it was only my first week there, they do seem to be close as it is) That’s one thing I love about my church, there’s so much focus on fellowshipping and including others. I also loved how yesterday there was an emphasis on how the small and simple acts of services can really mean so much to someone who is feeling this way.

  • Smiling at someone
  • Remembering their name
  • Going out of your way to introduce yourself
  • Giving a compliment
  • Including someone in a conversation

None of these are huge gestures that take a lot of time or effort. But they can mean so much to someone! My roommate (who is out of town for the long weekend) told her sister to watch for me at church. Well, her sister heard me introducing myself to someone, recognized that I was her sister’s roommate and came and sat with me during all of church. This wasn’t hard, it wasn’t even very extraordinary, but it meant so much to me to have someone with me and not be completely alone. She also introduced me to people she talked to and was just really nice.

I know that this will pass soon for me and I’ll make more friends and life will be grand. But I hope that along the way, I can help someone else to not feel lonely or left out. I want to be that person that makes someone’s day a little bit brighter, even if it’s just because I took the time to say hello. Sometimes giving of your time is the best thing you can give someone. We’re a busy people and time is very precious.

So make sure that as you go throughout this next week, you’re taking the time to say hello, smile and make someone’s day a little better. Because I think if you really knew what everyone was going through, you would be surprised at how many happy, smiling people are hurting on the inside.

What has someone done lately that made your day a little better?

How do like to serve others?

What are you doing this lovely Labor Day??


12 thoughts on “Be a Friend

  1. I read your 20 miler recap while in a car so I didn’t get to comment but congrats!! Idk how you got through the last half without music..I’d be so bored! πŸ™‚ Awesome job lady. And I like your tips here as well. I made a new years resolution to make 1 new friend this year (still hasnt happened) because I feel like after college it’s so hard to make new friends. I will continue working on this!

  2. I find it hard to make friends once you leave school. I’m an introvert anyway and take awhile to warm up, so people tend to think I’m…icy…before they get to know me. So I feel your pain! But it sounds like your church is a GREAT starting place!! You’ll be making genuine and meaningful friendships in no time!

  3. Getting used to a new place is never easy.
    CONGRATS on your 20-miler! That is SUCH a hurdle. I have two of them coming up in the next 9 weeks of my marathon training and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about it.
    My friend Ellie knew I was a little stressed (Well, a lot stressed) going into my first day of teaching classes and she sent me an early morning text to wish me a good first day.

  4. I can totally relate to this lonely feeling. Being a military wife and moving every 3 years means constantly starting over. You’d think I’ve mastered the “make new friends” concept but as introverted as I am, it’s a bit of a challenge.
    Congratulations on the 20 miler! I just began running so I can’t even imagine running that far yet. Amazing!!

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