Lots o’ Labor

Labor Day it was, so labor I did!

The house that I just moved into has a yard that…well, needs some TLC. The backyard was basically becoming a forest until today. I was talking to one of my roommates and she mentioned that she wanted to tackle the backyard to which I replied that I would help! So I went to my parents’ and picked up some clippers and gloves and we took on the backyard! I took a panoramic, so I don’t know how well you can see it. This is after we’d already been working on it some, so it used to be worse.


After some time and a lot of hard work by the lawn mower after we deforested the yard, it now looks like this!


The lawn could probably be mowed a couple more times to catch up on all the mowing that hadn’t been done. Also there’s other work in the yard that needs doing. But hey, it’s a start! I think it looks pretty good.

After the backyard, I did some work in the front yard too. I also did a bunch of cleaning inside the house and totally wore myself out. I was feeling really motivated and productive until I took a second to sit down. Then I realized how exhausted I was.

I’ve been wanting to make these ever since Julie at Peanutbutter Fingers posted the recipe the other day, so I finally made these Butterscotch Banana Bread Oatmeal Bites.


They turned out pretty good! They’re nice healthy snacks and I can grab them really quick to take to work. Also they totally made my house smell so amazing. Wins all around!

I had a great, busy day and I have a busy week ahead of me. It’s a good life.

What did you do for Labor Day?

Do you enjoy yard work?

Favorite healthy snack?


9 thoughts on “Lots o’ Labor

  1. Wow, your work looks really impressive! As to yardwork for myself, I enjoy certain types of yardwork–such as gardening. Unfortunately we have a lot of deer here, so we have to put up some type of netting or fence. It’s been very humid with lots of rain lately, so we didn’t do much yesterday!

  2. I definitely need to start making the quick healthy recipes that I read all over the blogosphere. I always read them and bookmark them, but never take the time to make them. Those little bites look really good! Nice job on all the work this weekend 🙂 so much for Labor Day haha

  3. For Labor Day, I relaxed on the beach and attempted to catch up on HW…but that didn’t happen. I went to bed at like 830… it was amazing 😀 I HATE yard work. My dad used to make my sister and I pull weeds and we hated it. I like cheese sticks or fruit and hummus as my favorite healthy snacks.

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