The funniest kid I know

Yesterday my friend told me that her husband is good with cars and could help me get my car fixed (for registration renewal) much cheaper than at a shop. So I gladly took them up on their offer and I went over to their house last night. It was a lot of fun to catch up with my childhood friend (Alisa!) and her sister.  Alisa and I have been friends since elementary school, so it’s always great to see her!

Alisa’s little girl Reagan was my little buddy last night and we had so much fun together. She thought it was hilarious that her mom and I have the same name. We thought so too growing up 🙂

She taught me how to shoot a bow and arrow. She cheered me on all but one time when she got a REALLY distraught look on her face, wouldn’t talk to me or look at me and finally said “maybe we should practice some more”. ha!


Then we took silly pictures together on my phone.


And finally she just ended up with my phone and took her own pictures until she was “tired of it”.


This kid is hilarious. I had so much fun with her. She reminds me of her mom so much from when we were little! So fun to see your friends’ personalities in their kids.

Then at the end of it all, my car was good as new!! People, I now have a windshield fluid reservoir that actually holds liquid! So yes, for the first time since February 2008, I cleaned my windshield with the spray and wipers while sitting inside my car. You’re probably wondering how I’ve survived all these years and in the winter that’s actually a very literal concern. But I have and now I don’t have to worry about it. THANK YOU, KELLY!!!! I love when my friends marry handy men. 🙂

Today is a short run and then tomorrow is a 10 miler. I love this tapering stuff! Today my work is having a potluck lunch and it’s football season themed. I love that my work does fun things like this. Then, as old lady as this may sound, I hope to get to bed early tonight. This girl is tired! Tired, but happy.

Who is the funniest little kid you know?

What’s something crucial that you’ve gone without for an extended period of time?

Anyone running today?


8 thoughts on “The funniest kid I know

  1. My cousins daughter is always cracking me up. She’s such a little comic! No running today but I’m pumped for my run tomorrow!

  2. How old is Reagan? I love the toddler ages. My daughter is 27 months and is hiLARious! I have to wonder all the time where she comes up with some of the things she says/does.

  3. For sure the funniest kid I know is my 4 year old…he is always making us laugh – he has quite the sense of humor already…he just started school yesterday though – and we are hoping that his sense of humor can be appreciated as much there as we appreciate it at home

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