In Remembrance…

I couldn’t let today go by without paying tribute to the heroes of September 11, 2001.

A couple of summers ago, I had the chance to go to New York with some friends. The 9/11 Memorial was in the process of being built, but we did get to go on a tour and see the construction and hear stories.

The second we got out of the subway in the district you could feel a change. The whole place FELT so solemn, sad and tragic. It was a humbling place to be. As a 12 year old in Utah at the time, the attacks scared me but I didn’t have a personal connection. Going there made me feel closer to those who were there that day and made me that much more proud to be an American.

Here are a couple of pictures from my visit there. There’s the new Freedom building, a piece of one of the towers and a dedication to the firemen who lost their lives that day.




I’m so grateful to live in this amazing country and for those men and women who help to keep it the “land of the free”.


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