My Time in the Zen Den

My work does challenges now and then (there’s a point system and we all compete against each other. way fun. I can’t wait til I’ve been working here long enough to be winning). The challenges are usually ones that are going to be released to our clients as potential challenges they can have as part of the wellness program, so that we get the chance to experience it first. This week the challenge is a Zen Den.

The Zen Den is an area in our office where we can go and take a break and de-stress. Here is a video that gives you an idea of what zen dens could be like:

While I was having my zen den time, I took some pictures. Yes, I did end up relaxing. In fact, I could have used a nap afterward I was so relaxed.

photo 3

photo 2

There was a cot (hard to see in the pic) and some pillow, where I chose to sit. Then shelves had things that people brought in for you to do while in the zen den. I decided to spend some of my time blowing bubbles. I ended up with my phone being bubbly and my hands smelling like bubble solution…but it was fun!

photo 1 photo-86

It also took me a few tries to blow a big bubble, set it loose and snap a decent picture of it before it popped. I liked the challenge! I also took some time to sit and just relax. There was also one of those teeny, tiny sand boxes with the little rakes where you can make designs in the sand. That was fun. If I had more time, I would have also laid out the yoga mat that was in there and done a few sun salutations!

It was so nice to take a few minutes and just take time for myself during the work day. I think sometimes we’re so focused on physical health with exercise and nutrition, getting enough sleep, etc that we forget how important our mental health is!! It’s all tied together. In order for our bodies to work properly, we need the body AND the mind to be working at its best. So take some time out of your day today and give some attention to your mind.

Have you ever had a zen den?

What do you do take time out of your day and relax?

Favorite childhood activity?


13 thoughts on “My Time in the Zen Den

  1. This is so cool! What a great idea. Reading blogs is my down time πŸ™‚ But when I just can’t stare at a screen anymore there’s nothing better than taking a walk with a family member or friend. Sometimes it’s so nice to step away from the electronics and just walk.

  2. I’ve never heard of a Zen Den! Neat… it makes me think about a challenge for the people where I work. Wait. I’m in the Math Department. Oh, well!

  3. OH my gosh i have never heard of one of these but LOVE IT!! I gotta make sure my future place of employment has one– and if not, i am implementing a mandatory construction of one!!

    !!!!!!!!!!! — that is me excited for you this weekend!!!!

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