Marathon = Completed!

Hey guys I just wanted to drop by really quick to let you know that the marathon is done-zo!

I’ll write a recaps soon but I just wanted to show you a picture of the medal. The thing is huge, which of course it should be, because it turns out marathons are hard and when you run one, you deserve a medal as big as your face.

I’m feeling pretty good, just really sore. Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it!


Tell me what you’re up to today!


15 thoughts on “Marathon = Completed!

  1. Oh my gosh this just made me so so happy!!! I literally thought about you this morning and prayed for a great experience!!!!! You are smiling in the pic– so that at least is a good sign!! I am so proud of you! You are wonderful I am so so happy for you!!! way to go 🙂

    • Andrea you are seriously the sweetest!!! Thank you so much. I think you’re prayers were definitely heard 🙂 I’m going to start working on the recap right now! Thanks for being such a great friend…or blend as they’re apparently called in the blogging world haha

  2. SO SO SO proud of you! (I’m so far behind on my blog reading and feel terrible that I’m just now congratulating you!) You rock!!!!!!! 🙂

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