Life After the Marathon

First of all, thank you all sooo much for all your sweet comments and congratulations! It really made me feel so good. I still can’t get over the fact that my first marathon is over. I also can’t believe that I actually want to do another one. Since I was feeling so unmotivated with my training for the last little bit and the first half of the race was not that enjoyable, I was expecting to not like it. I’ve decided it must be like child-birth. Once it’s in the past, you only remember the good stuff and what you get from it, not the misery of the process. Also, I think I need this hoodie now. Feel free to purchase it for me, size small. Thank you in advance.


You guys, I am SO SORE!!! Not just in every part of my legs (except my knees, surprisingly) but also my feet, my abs, my shoulders. Laughing and sneezing hurt. Don’t even get me started on walking down stairs! But even though it hurts and I look like a fool wobbling around, especially if I’ve been immobile for a while, I love knowing that this is the result of having achieved something wonderful.

As I was updating my page with my list of races (see above), I realized I have no current plans for my next race. For the last 8-9 months I’ve been training for race after race and now I’m at a stand still. Hmm…which race should I do next??…..

I do have some goals (running related and not) that I want to work on though now that I’m officially out of training.

1) Ā I want to focus a little more on strength training and tone up! I lost some weight over the last couple of months and now I want to just tighten it all up.

2) Cook most meals at home. The last couple of years, I got into the habit of eating out quite a bit. But now I want to be healthier and save money, so I’m working on eating out less. It’s working and really hasn’t been very hard! Last night I made chicken tacos with tomatoes, brown rice, salsa, avocados and lemon juice. Yum!! and I have left overs!


3) Do a little bit more flexibility training, like yoga and pilates.

4) Get a gym membership! I loved having a membership in my old city and it really helped to have somewhere I could go work out during the winter. Especially with the temperatures starting to drop dramatically, I may need it sooner than I’d like to admit.

5) Find one more race to do before the end of the year. There’s still a couple of good months of racing weather left. I should take advantage of it!

6) Buy new running shoes (I know, life is hard!) Pretty sure training for this marathon wore them right out! It’s getting pretty close to the time when they need to be replaced.

Today I may get in some stretching, but we’ll see how I’m feeling. I also need to buy a foam roller. Oops. Should have thought of that before the race!

What is your workout today?

What are some of your current goals? (fitness related or not!)


12 thoughts on “Life After the Marathon

  1. My workout today consists of going to my mommy-workout class this morning. I probably shouldn’t go because my knee is still bothering me from yesterday’s run (20 miler), but we are having a little bridal shower for one of the mama’s that is getting married at the end of this month.

  2. Great job on that marathon! It is always kind of sad when racing season comes to an end. I have just one more half before I am done for the year. My plan is similar to yours – tone up, join a gym to get out of the cold and smog, and just run base miles. Oh and new shoes because duh! Shoes rock!

    And when I saw that picture of the food, my first thought was “Did she go to my parents’ house for dinner?” HA! They have the exact same plates. If you did, I hope you told them “Hi” for me. šŸ˜‰

  3. I am so proud of you and your first marathon! Your attitude and outlook on it is great… and being sore is normal šŸ™‚ What distance are you thinking about for the next race before the end of the year that you mentioned wanting to do?

  4. It was a thrill to watch you compete in this marathon. I’m glad I could see you coming down the last little bit, surrounded by people cheering! As you know, I’m a yoga-a-holic. It’s the best!

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