Warning: Scatter-Brained and Random

You know it’s a Monday when you’re sitting at work and realize your shirt is on backwards. oops


One of my coworkers had brought me a gift on Friday before the race, but I only came in for a quick meeting, so I didn’t see her. Isn’t that so nice of her?! Also those almonds are amazing. I’ve only had the cinnamon ones, but I’m sure the dark chocolate are great too. It’s a good thing they’re in little 100 calorie packs or I would probably eat them all in one sitting. But now I have some great little snacks for work this week. Love it!


So during my lunch break at work, I like to try to eat outside and then walk around the parking lot a little to stretch my legs. Yesterday it felt so good! My legs were still feeling sore, so it was nice to walk them out a little and feel like I was getting maybe a little bit of exercise. Plus the day was so nice! I loved being outside for a bit.


Note: shirt is no longer backward. Looks the exact same right?! Easy mistake to make.

Speaking of sore legs, another one of my coworkers sent me this video and then Ali left it in the comments yesterday, so I knew it was fate that I should share it with all of you. This had me laughing so hard! Oh the inability to use your legs after a race…priceless!

I don’t usually watch Dancing with the Stars, but I did watch it with my roommate last night. Did anyone else see BIll Nye the Science Guy?? He wasn’t very good (especially compared to a lot of the other contestants…he’s also quite a bit older), but I think people just love him so much he’ll stay on the show for a little while longer that he would have if everyone voting hadn’t grown up watching his show religiously. But who can blame them?! It was an awesome show.


And that’s it for your incredibly random, scatter-brained, Tuesday post. I’m happy to report that I can walk normally today, although I can still feel aches and pains. I’m itching to work out again. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see. You don’t want to rush recovery and get injured! Anyone else out there still limping around after racing this weekend?

Tell me something random from your week

Anyone else watch Bill Nye growing up??

What TV shows are you exciting to see returning? Modern Family, New Girl, Revenge

p.s. I’m so scatter-brained today that I even posted this as a new page on my blog instead of a post. oy. Apparently it’s going to be one of those days


8 thoughts on “Warning: Scatter-Brained and Random

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the Post Race Leg video!!! I’m stashing that away in my email to share with my girlfriends after our next long race!! =) Happy Tuesday!!

  2. I’m all over the place today, too. I seriously need to watch DWTS just to see Bill! That was the best when teachers would roll out the TV on the cart and we’d get to watch him (and sing along to the theme song.. BILL BILL BILL BILL hahahaha)

  3. I am so glad you posted this, I can’t believe Bill Nye is on Dancing With The Stars!!! I had no idea! I will definitely watch that next week! And I have to tell you, both flavors of those almonds are awesome so i’m pretty jealous you got those.

  4. hahaha I love your scattered brain-ness!! I totally have those days where you do everything just slightly “off” ha… you just gotta laugh at them!! You are so funny with your shirt… definitely have done that (recently in fact!!)

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