“Human” and the countdown begins

Today seemed like a Wednesday Wonderfuls kind of a day:

{1} I went on a run yesterday!! My first one since the marathon! It felt so good to get out there and move my legs. Honestly, they did still feel kind of tired. I was surprised because I didn’t do any exercise at all last week and they haven’t been sore in days. That first run back after a break is just a tough one. But it still felt great and I was high on endorphins all morning.

{2} This picture has been doodled on to protect the individual (and my position at my company) but I just had to show you the signature that came on this email I got yesterday. I think it was supposed to say “Human Resources” or something like that but instead it just said “Human”. I got quite a laugh over it! I hope someone tells her, so she can fix it but I am glad I got to enjoy it first.


{3} The weather here is getting cooler and it definitely feels like fall now! Cool and crisp in the morning and evening and hot midday. Today it’s supposed to be only 64 and the next couple of days are supposed to be stormy. I love this weather!!


{4} Last night I saw a house that I really liked and I got along with the girls that live there really well. I have another appointment to see a house on Thursday. I just need our landlord to tell us for sure whether or not they’re selling. So stressful. But it seems that things are coming together. Slowly, but they are. So much to be grateful for!

{5} New Girl is back on the air and I’m so very happy about it. Also I’m really happy about the return of Modern Family. Also the Mindy Project. I really don’t watch that much TV…Hulu is my friend. Except for when a show is only on Hulu Plus. Then it’s my enemy.


{6} If you’re keeping track, today marks 3 months until Christmas and 4 months until my birthday. Yes, I begin counting down to my birthday ridiculously early. I love it soo much! Plus this next year is my Golden Birthday. Gotta make it special!

{7} Overall, I have a very blessed life. My living situation will work out, I love where I work and believe in the work we’re doing, I also get to talk nerdy health/wellness/fitness/medically talk with my coworkers, I am healthy, I am happy.

What are you Wednesday Wonderfuls?


11 thoughts on ““Human” and the countdown begins

  1. I loved the episode of New Girl last night so much! I was laughing the whole way though. Have to catch up on Mindy though (so sad, but I was too tired to stay up for it last night haha) So looking forward to Modern Family tonight too!

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