I Dream the Future

True Story: Last night I had a dream that the first snow happened. I think it was because I’ve been worried that when I move it will snow and I don’t want to move in the snow. Well this morning I texted my dad (because he loves the snow because it means skiing) and he said it was going to snow tonight (meaning Wednesday night).  Well, what did I see yesterday as I looked out the window at work? Snow clouds. These were most definitely snow clouds. I’ve seen them all my life and I could point them out to you anywhere.


Then as I’m driving home and getting closer to the mountains, I see the proof! The top half of the mountains have a light layer of snow on them, while the bottom half of the mountains are still trying to turn fall colors. I dreamed about the first snow and it happened. Apparently I can dream the future now.


Don’t worry, I was stopped at a red light when I took this picture 🙂 The weather has become fall with a vengeance! I’ve already started wearing sweaters and boots. I think today I’ll wear a scarf! Oh I just love, love, love this time of year!

The cutest, most adorable little boy came to my work today to sell chocolates for a school fundraiser. I’m pretty sure it’s the same chocolates they were getting us to sell when I was his age. Well imagine the cutest, most petite little boy in a sweater vest no older than 6..maybe 7. Now you know why I couldn’t refuse to give him $2 in exchange for the yummy chocolates below. It turns out I only had those golden $1 coins (I have no idea where they came from) and it made his day!! His grandma was with him and he tried to convince her to let him hold them. “I’ll hold on to these and you hold the dollars!” Grandma didn’t think that was such a great idea. haha Too cute!


I want to find more ways to do workouts at home, so when Danica posted this “Living Room Workout” I had to try it! Yesterday I only had time to do 2 rounds of it, but it was definitely getting harder. I was a little short on time, so I wasn’t able to do the recommended 3 rounds, but I am telling you, it would have worked me! My right shoulder and deltoid have been pretty sore since I mowed the lawn the other day. Must have tweaked it. Anyway, try Danica’s workout below:


I love working 4 day work weeks. That makes today my Friday and tomorrow my weekend! Love it!

Happy Thursday!

What’s the weather like in your part of the country?

Favorite at home workout?? Add a link in the comments if you like!

Random Question: what’s your favorite holiday and why?


8 thoughts on “I Dream the Future

  1. Beautiful pictures of the snow! Our weather out here in SoCal have actually dipped into the low 80’s today, but then this weekend its suppose to get up to the mid-90’s for a few days. I am ready for Fall weather, or at least in the 60’s-70’s so it doesn’t feel like summer anymore! I love Christmas now because my son’s bday is exactly 2 weeks before Christmas so that whole time is very fun and festive!

  2. It’s still sunny and 90 here and I love it. Seeing snow in your picture made me want to cry. I love the summer! I love Halloween because my mom has always loved it so we always had the greatest decorations, costumes, and candy around. She just instilled such a fun spirit in us and I love it 🙂

  3. I’m glad you liked the workout! Thanks so much for sharing about it! 🙂

    The weather here (MN) has actually been really nice lately! 70s and sunny during the day, cool at night – loving it.

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