Roomie Reunion

Hey guys, how was your weekend?! Mine was great, filled with great friends.

Saturday, I got to meet up with two of my old college roomies for a women’s conference in Salt Lake.


We had a blast and then Shana (on the far right) stayed the night and spent a good chunk of Sunday with me. We watched How I Met Your Mother. For probably longer than I should be admitting to right now.

I also got super domestic yesterday and made chicken tacos in my crock pot with THIS recipe. So dang easy and so delicious!! That’s a double win for me!!!


Then later last night, best friend Deborah texted me to see if I wanted to go out to an area called Day Break to walk around the man made lakes they have. Yes I did! The temperature was perfect, the sun setting was gorgeous and it felt great to stretch my legs.


We even got an excellent jumping picture on the 2nd try. Although I have no idea why I only have one arm.


This place was gorgeous! Next time I want to go in my running gear so I can cover more area and see more of this cute neighborhood.

IMG_3262  DSC_0446

Man, I live in a pretty place! Soooo beautiful! Love those mountains of mine!

Enjoy the last day of September!! Where did this month go?!!

How was your weekend?

Favorite meal from the weekend?

Any big plans this week?? I’m moving!


2 thoughts on “Roomie Reunion

  1. So pretty! I’m always impressed with coordinated jumping pics…I’m always 4 sec behind everyone and still on the floor ha

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