Why Runners are the Best.Ever.

Runners are the best. We all know that. Well, if you don’t and you’re reading this, I hope you can at least appreciate runners and be ok with learning to acknowledge that runners are awesome.

You need proof? Ok.

  • Only runners will wake up at 3:30 am to go pay roughly $50-100 to run.


  • Blisters, missing toe nails and chaffing are all part of the game. We’re tough as nails. Or tough as toes without nails.


  • Any runner who is worth their salt ENCOURAGES other runners around them! I remember in high school cross-country, it was good etiquette to say “good job” to the person you were passing. Sure, at the time you thought “shut up. I’m not doing a good job if you’re passing me!!” But really it was instilling in both people that runners aren’t mean or rude or better than each other.


  • Going along with that, runners celebrate each others’ successes! It doesn’t matter if it’s your first 5k or your first marathon, another runner will be SO excited for you and want to hear all about it!
  • Paying $50 for a pair of really tight socks is totally normal.


  • Candy is a completely acceptable form of fuel for long runs or races.


  • You know that running 1 mile is roughly 100 calories of spent energy. It’s super easy to calculate about how many calories you burn on your run.
  • Neon is soo in!


  • Running helps bring out the best in you. Ask any runner. Or try it yourself.
  • While some are competitive runners, for the majority of us, we’re really racing again ourselves. It’s called a Personal Record (PR) for a reason. It’s not called a “Record Compared to the Rest of the Human Population” (RCTTROTHP).


  • Um, runners totally have the best looking legs. Duh.
  • Running is the only sport where your family and friends will also cheer on people you are technically competing against. and THAT’S OK! During my marathon, my mom totally missed me running up to her because she was so into cheering on the runners ahead of me. So cute. and hilarious.


  • Everyone thinks you’re totally bad-A when you’re a runner. (or at the very least, YOU think you’re pretty hard core)
  • There are few things in life where you will find such a close, accepting group of people and become friends instantly with total strangers. Running is one of those things.


Anything to add to the list?? Have a wonderful Tuesday!


14 thoughts on “Why Runners are the Best.Ever.

  1. Love this list.
    The encouraging other runners is such a true thing that you don’t see in other sports. Running is a “culture” and even though I HATE running, I love being a runner. It’s hard to explain to non-runners.

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  4. We are the best. the end. 🙂 I think my favorite part is the community at races. I wasn’t able to run the Pittsburgh marathon last year (the half) but I was there cheering them on, and it made me feel so great to do that and feel like I was in it with them!!

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