Wednesday Wonderfuls

I’m so glad you all seemed to be able to relate to yesterday’s post on “Why runners are the best.ever”. We’re a special breed aren’t we? 🙂 I like us.

Yesterday was the start of October and didn’t even acknowledge it! October is my very favorite month! Fall, pumpkins, football, basketball season starts, Halloween, candy, decorations, festivities..there’s just so much wonderful-ness going on!

I love an opportunity to acknowledge gratitude and appreciation, so here’s my October/fall edition of Wednesday Wonderfuls!

{1} Quote from “Anne of Green Gables” by L.M. Montgomery. “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”. Me too Anne, with an e. Me too.


{2} Speaking of good ol’ Anne Shirley, I have been reading the first book and have become completely enveloped in it. I can’t wait til I get everything done so that I can get in bed and read and I find excuses to lie in bed a little longer just so I can finish a chapter before I get up in the morning. This is how I’ve been my whole life but I went through a slump where I couldn’t finish a book. That slump is gone and I am going to re-read all the Anne books. Speaking of my books, I can’t find my “Born to Run” book. If anyone has seen it I would GREATLY appreciate it’s return. Thanks!

{3) My aunt posted this on my Facebook yesterday and it’s hilarious. Please watch. “8 Stages of Marathon Running” ahahahaha! Buzz Feed gets me every time.

{4} I went on a run yesterday after work. 4 miles. The weather was just about perfect. That’s what fall runs are all about!!

{5} The leaves are finally changing on my mountains by my house.  Soon the mountain side will look like this….even if it’s only for a week or so.


{6} I paid my rent for my new house, so for the next 5 days I technically live in two places. Plus I get to move this weekend and my awesome cousin has already agreed to borrow the family van to help me move my furniture on Saturday morning. What a good kid. Time to start packing…again!

{7} Danica’s list of foods that are now in season. I love these posts that she does. Fantastic!

I kind of like ending these lists on lucky number 7. It feels complete. For any of you who are not familiar with numerical symbolism, 7 actually represents completion. So that’s good enough for me!

What’s your Wednesday Wonderful this week?

How was your last run?

Favorite thing about October??


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wonderfuls

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my post link! ❤

    Okay, so I had never ever heard of that October quote before (listed as your #1), but I heard/read/saw it yesterday in *at least* 8 different places – I love it!

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