my weekend and marathon pics

Hello! Welcome to a new week. Let me catch you up on my life since I went MIA. I worked Friday morning, then spent all of the afternoon moving 95% of my belongings. I’m still sore. It’s kinda of embarrassing. The only things I didn’t move on my own were my bed, dresser and bookshelf. Two of my cousins came over Saturday morning (7:40 am!) and they helped me move them. So nice of them!! I had a cute picture of them but my phone was erased. That’s another story….

Months ago, my friend who is a developer for Apple gave me a beta of the new iOS7.0. I’ve had it for months and I had to deal with all of the weird quirks betas have as they developed new versions of the beta and got the new system ready to release to the public. Then Saturday I went to use my phone and it was telling me I needed to activate it. Umm…haven’t I been using this phone for like 2 years?! Pretty sure it’s activated. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, since nothing would work, so finally I went down to the Apple store. I got there and I was like the 50th person to come in with that problem. Turns out the beta version expired and all of us had to reset our phones to factory settings, wiping everything off our phones and reload it with a backed up version. Luckily my phone had automatically backed up to iCloud a couple of days before, but that meant anything I had done that was new since then was gone. So no picture of my helpful cousins.

It was funny though because I wanted to take a picture of all of us sitting there waiting for our phones to be fixed but I couldn’t, because I use my phone’s camera! haha! It was a frustrating blogger moment.

Saturday and Sunday, I spent most of my time watching General Conference.

The weather was beautiful yesterday, so my roommate and I went on a walk in between sessions. Crazy how fast our bodies adapt and now 50s feel really nice instead of chilly haha

I went to my cousins’ house to bring them cookies as a thank you and discovered that some of my cousins are realllllllyy good at hula hoop!! Now, I took 3 years of actual hula lessons (fun fact about Alyssa) but I am not good at the hula hoop. I don’t know what my problem is. Just not my thing I guess! šŸ˜‰


Saturday I actually got most of my things unpacked. I just have a couple boxes of kitchen things and then I need to put up my decorations, but everything else is in order. This has got to be the fastest move I have ever made and the fastest I have set everything up. I love it! So far I like my new house, my new roommates and my new neighborhood is beautiful! Also, because I promised you a picture, here is my awesome new closet!! My old room was bigger, but my closet was itty bitty. I gladly have a smaller room but much bigger closet.


One of the perks to the marathon that I did was FREE race pictures!! So just to mix it up, I’m now going to show you some of the less awful ones. (Does anyone out there take a good running picture??!!) Please don’t judge my form. My arms need serious work.



Trying to finish strong!!


That’s all for now folks!!

How was YOUR weekend??

Anything fun in store this week?

Do you have a big closet? (sorry, I’m just really happy about it)


12 thoughts on “my weekend and marathon pics

  1. Uhm, how come you have ridiculously great marathon pictures? I am 100% confident every race picture I’ve gotten I’ve deleted the email immediately after seeing them because they’re awful. lol Nice work rocking it!

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