Wednesday Wonderfuls

Welcome to another Wednesday! We’re half way there, people! Here are my Wednesday Wonderfuls for the week.

{1} Part 2 of the videos promotion the app on the importance of doing self examinations for breast cancer…with a twist. For part one, check out yesterday’s post. These are silly, but they’re real apps and if that’s what it takes to help you remember to do early detection, then that’s what it takes. Best part: these were both sent to me by my mom. She’s awesome.

{2} This weekend, I tried Pumpkin flavored froyo and holy  moly it was AWESOME!! I am going to give you all a homework assignment to go find some before it’s gone this month. So.Dang.Good! (note: this is not my froyo pictured)


{3} BuzzFeed gets me every time! I was laughing so hard! Kids do the darndest things! #4 is my favorite. I really did laughed out loud.

The 13 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said To A Parent

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 7.28.35 AM


{4} Yesterday I got in a good strength workout and it felt so great! Man, I just love a good workout!!

{5} I’m re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series and have just finished the first book and am on the 2nd (of 8). I love these books so much and I had totally forgotten. In 6th grade, my best friend and I were so obsessed we even referred to each other as Anne and Diana (I was Diana of course since I have dark hair). I can’t remember the last time I just soaked up a book like this. It so wonderful! If you’ve never read them, please put them on your reading list.


Tell me something wonderful!

Favorite book series?

Have you tried Pumpkin froyo?? Yeah I’m not letting you forget about that!


12 thoughts on “Wednesday Wonderfuls

  1. YOU are wonderful!! Too cheesy?? hahaha i love that you are rereading all the Anne of Green Gables… brilliant 🙂
    Pumpkin FroYo?!?! sound heavenly!!
    And I can totally get lost on Buzzfeed with their “lists” of things haha…. love it!!
    I am going to go get a strength workout in in a an hour! yayyyy hope you have a good evening!!

  2. The site full of creepy stuff kids say is so fantastic. Kids are seriously like little drunk adults, seriously.

    I love pumpkin EVERYTHING. Pumpkin froyo sounds fabulous!! Also, I love Anne and Green Gables. I know it’s a little dated and my students don’t get the appeal, but I love rereading the series!

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