Catch Up and This Week’s Goals

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a few days. I’ve fallen off the wagon in a couple of different areas in life (blogging included) and I’ve decided I need to fix this! So I’m going to put some goals out into the universe and you guys can hold me accountable! But first I’ll share three things about my weekend, because I know you missed me oh so much!

1) It was my roommate, Hillary’s birthday. We had a delicious dinner and then had cake that had a beautiful amount of frosting on it. As we all know, cake is just a vehicle for the frosting anyway.


2) I saw “The Saratov Approach” with some of my roommates and a new friend! (yes, I am making new friends. It’s like moving to a new middle school and then again when I moved to Texas all over again.) The movie tells the TRUE story of two LDS missionaries serving in Saratov, Russia who are kidnapped and held for ransom. It made international news at the time and I couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t remember something so huge. Then it turns out this happened in March of 1998. I was 9 and blissfully ignorant of anything happening outside of 4th grade. That’s why I don’t remember haha

But the story is intense, riveting and amazing. Love this movie. If they’re showing it in your area, you should totally go see it.

3) I’m getting my best friend Deborah to watch “Friends” from start to finish. She’s watched episodes here and there but now she’ll know the whole story. We’ve watched a few episodes the last couple of nights and last night she took home a set of disks so that she could keep watching on her own. I’m so proud.


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Alright people, now it’s time to discuss the plan! I’m going to set a few goals that will help me to get back on track with various areas of my life. There are either tasks to accomplish this week or behaviors to reinstate:

  • Get a membership to Gold’s Gym. I have been AWFUL at exercising ever since I’m no longer on a set schedule, so it’s time to buckle down. I’ve had a gym membership in the past and I loved it. So I’m getting a membership this week.
  • Be in bed by 10:30 with lights out by 11:00 pm sharp. A girl needs a little time to read in bed of course šŸ˜‰ Plus then I can be up and at ’em no later than 7!
  • Have my blog post written for the next day by 9:30 pm.Ā Ahem…starting with tomorrow’s post…
  • Use my Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to write at least 2-3 posts in advance. This will help me with nights when I’m busier, plus give me extra time to make them super awesome. Be excited.
  • Get a Hootsuite account for my blog. I’ve used this for previous jobs and it’s really so helpful!
  • Read my scriptures first thing in the morning. If I do it at night, I start to fall asleep. If I do something else in the morning first, I get easily distracted. First thing’s first!

Ok We better start with those things because we can’t do too much too soon! But really I need more structure in my life right now, so this will help tremendously! You guys will keep me accountable right? I will follow up one week from now and let you know how these went this week. The pressure is officially on!

How is your Tuesday going?

What’s the most recent movie you’ve been to see in the theaters?

What are you current goals?


15 thoughts on “Catch Up and This Week’s Goals

  1. I know what you mean by falling asleep doing your devotionals at night… but I leave mine to the night anyways because I love nothing more than my VERY LAST thought being about Jesus šŸ™‚ But yes… the eyes too flutter sometimes šŸ™‚

    GREAT goals!!
    And when I rewatched Friends start to finish Senior year of high school… it was the best 3 months ever. You are a good friend for forcing another to watch them all šŸ™‚

    • That’s true, that is one nice thing about doing it at night šŸ™‚ Pros and cons to both times of day! At one point I was doing it morning and evening and that was awesome.
      Thanks! I think they’re just what I need to get me back on track.
      Yeah, I am a good friend šŸ˜‰ haha But really it was time she experienced it.

  2. I love your goals! Can we motivate each other to do those things? I feel like I’ve fallen off the wagon as well! Also, I love that you got your friend into Friends. It really is the best show ever! šŸ™‚

  3. I’d love to know more about what a Hootsuite account is!
    That movie sounds gripping. I don’t know if it’s playing locally. There are a lot of LDS members who live in Flagstaff (that’s where I’m at) and I wonder how many of them would love to be able to see it. My good friend who is in her late 30s or early 40s would remember that time for sure. I’ll be asking her about it this weekend!
    Your goals sound great! Right now I’m focused on running my 2nd marathon. That’s giving me a lot of structure in my life (exercise-wise, anyway). There are a few others, but I, too, need to buckle down a bit. This school year has been off to a crazy start and I still don’t feel settled.

    • Hootsuite is a website where you can control multiple social media sites at the same time. You can schedule things to post at future dates and times. It’s a nice way to organize and manage something (like a blog!) once and then not have to worry about it until the next time you need to schedule something. There’s a free version which is plenty for my needs. I used it at my last job to be able to announce events and reminders and it works really great!
      It was a super gripping movie! Hopefully it makes its way down to you guys. I really enjoyed the movie.
      Marathons definitely help with structure! I think I had so much structure because of training that without it I’m lost! haha Buckling down!!

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