Last night I got to go to yoga with two of my coworkers and it was so great! The majority of the class was poses and moves I’ve never done before and it worked me. I felt like a fool because I was shaking and wobbling the whole time haha But that means it was working and it felt so great! Thanks again, Whit!


And yes, I was too embarrassed to ask my friends to take a picture with me inside the gym. So you just get a super high quality picture of me instead 😉

Now for something a little more serious. Did you know that in today’s schools there are approximately 2.1 million bullies and 2.7 million of their victims??

This is my good friend, Adam, and his 15 year old daughter, Taylor. Super cute, right??


This girl is so sweet, caring and really is a positive influence in this world. I’ve known her for the last 5 years and I’ve watched her grow up into an amazing young women.

Recently, Taylor has been experiencing a lot bullying on Twitter and Adam being the great parent that he is decided that he was going to do something about it. So rather than put out more negativity into the WWW, he decided to start a POSITIVE movement on Twitter in her honor. Check it out (this is a very small sample):

Image-1 Image

Today I’m inviting you to join in the #BePositive movement! Send @Taylor_Vail a tweet encouraging her and spreading good in the Twitter world and fight against the negativity that she’s been experiencing. Thanks in advance! Also, don’t be afraid to dream big and continue the movement for anyone else in your life who might be needing a shower of positivity and love!

Finally, have you heard of the website Running Warehouse? A coworker of mine who is a super big runner (marathon PR of 2:28…whoa!!) showed it to me at work yesterday and now I just want to spend all of my paychecks here. It’s basically running gear at ridiculously awesome prices. Also the price you see is the price you pay. No shipping or added taxes. Someone please take my credit and debit cards away from. I’m going to be totally broke.

What was your workout today?

Have you joined the #BePositive movement??

What is a small act of kindness you’ve done for someone else recently?


10 thoughts on “#BePositive

  1. I dont go on Twitter that much, but I will go on today and be part of the #bepositive movement for Taylor! Thanks for giving me the 411 on runningwarehouse. It might be too dangerous for me to know about this site!

  2. I can’t stand hearing bullying happening and just knowing it is out there. I’ve had to have more discussions than I wish this year with kids about bullying and how they act to their friends. It’s ridiculous. I love this movement and really hope she gets by ❤

  3. That father deserves a big hug. Seriously. Bullying is absolutely out of control. The fact that our kids can’t escape it now ~ it follows them into their homes via phones and computers ~ is even more devastating. I’ll send out a tweet tonight!!
    I let people go ahead of me in line when I have lots and they have little. They are always so happy!

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