“I won’t even be tempted not to like them”

Thank you to each of you who showed support for Taylor yesterday and participated in the #BePositive movement! I loved seeing your tweets coming through!! In case you’re interested, you can click on the picture below to see the news story that aired on this last night.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 11.45.00 PM

Just to give you a taste of how amazing this girl is, when asked if she wanted to find out who had been sending her hateful Tweets (as the person was anonymous) here was her response:

“I still don’t know who it is, and I think, it’s better if I don’t know,” she said. “I think if I don’t know, I won’t even be tempted not to like them. I can still love everyone and not know who it is.”

She’s only 15 years old, people. Wow. How amazing is that?! This girl is such a great example to all of us. I’m really so proud to know this great family. Love you, Vails! If you haven’t sent Taylor an encouraging Tweet yet and you still were wanting to, please don’t hesitate. Her handle is @Taylor_Vail and you can hashtag #TaylorVail. (and that hashtag was trending last night!)

In other news, my work is really good about continued education and training, so since I get to do a little bit of coaching with my current position, I have the opportunity to read this book below. So I ordered it and it came in the mail yesterday! Woohoo!


This is specifically for those coaching in wellness programs and I’m so excited to read it and develop my coaching skills! They’re ok but I know they could be a lot better, so I’m looking forward to the improvement. Plus the nerd in me has been day dreaming about highlighting and taking notes ever since I ordered it on Monday. I love to learn!

Finally, to brighten up your Thursday, here’s a meme that I discovered yesterday and thought was way funny. Yes, it’s health and fitness humor. Luckily, you guys get me 🙂



Have a happy, positive Thursday! The weekend is soo close!

Do you do continuing education/training for your job?

Anything great happen to you today?

Tell me something you’re grateful for.


17 thoughts on ““I won’t even be tempted not to like them”

  1. Wow, what an amazing girl! I was cyber bullied by someone I knew in high school and it was awful. I’m so thankful she has such a positive attitude!

    I don’t really get to do much continuing education for my job, but I’m loving what I’m learning so far in my Masters program! 🙂 That meme is amazing! Clearly I am just too short!

  2. I saw that “funny” on FB this morning and it made me happy. I love it. 🙂
    It’s always so good to hear about young men and women who are wise beyond their years and love well beyond what you’d assume their capacity for love to be. This is a great story! 🙂

  3. hahaha LOVE the meme! absolutely true 🙂

    Your friend is amazing…. wow 15 years old?!?! lets not talk about how immature I was at 15!!

    Have a great one girl 🙂

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