Reality Check Moment

There’s someone I haven’t introduced to you yet. His name is Hudson and he is my roommate’s dog.


Hudson is always excited for me to come home, loves to play with his toys, is more than willing to help you finish your food (not me though. I don’t share food) and is beloved by all in the house. This little guy is super cute. He also moves a lot and this is best picture I could get of him because he has so much energy.

I also love tracking packages that are being shipped to me. I got an email yesterday saying my new running shoes had shipped and I now get to follow them until they arrive at my house! It’s the best.ever. Plus then I get to wear them to the gym as I go do non-running activities. It’s going to be awesome.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 10.49.36 PM

California is really not that far from Utah….is it really going to take until Wednesday?? Yes, I know that’s tomorrow but I just think it’s reasonable to think they could make it to Utah from California today, that’s all.

Yesterday at work, I saw some information about a woman who was born with an incredibly rare medical condition. Because of this situation she isn’t able to do any heavy exertion. Or much exertion at all. This limits the types of physical activity she can do. She also has terrible eating habits, usually snacking throughout the day and only eating one real meal a day. This has led to her being incredibly overweight and unhealthy.

Now this woman is not completely in control of her situation but she is in control of how she’s chosen to handle it. She can’t do a lot for her exercising but she is completely throwing away one thing she has complete control over: her nutrition.

In one of her podcasts that I listened to over the summer, Jillian Michaels said something to the effect of

You can easily eat back any workout.

Simple and mind-blowingly true! We could exercise all we wanted and train for a million things, but if we’re not giving our body the nutrition it needs, when it needs it and in the correct form, we are throwing away all of that hard work.  I also believe in moderation and knowing your own body and what it needs to have the most energy and work at its optimal level. It’s a work in progress. Believe you me, this is still something I am working on improving. My diet is a million times better right now than it was even 6 months ago but I know I still have a long way to go.


I don’t have any specifics to go over but I just wanted to throw that out there. Nutrition and what we put into our bodies is so important. What if a day comes when you can’t exercise anymore or in the same way you used to? (reality check: this will happen to all of us eventually) Would your eating habits keep you healthy or do your workout habits cover up your poor eating?

Anyone else have a dog?

What’s one thing you do to strive to eat healthier?

Speaking of reality checks, it’s October 22. The most beautiful month is almost over. How come time goes by so fast?


18 thoughts on “Reality Check Moment

  1. yaaaaaa….. i need to work on that! I mean just my breakfast this morning spanned over 4 hours. –seriously! cereal, apples on apples on apples, turkey, pretzles, and 2 greek yogurts, and 2 spoonfulls of pb. OMG. like what kind of breakfast is that?!?! bahhh

    love that dog! i need to borrow it to cuddle when i get home in the evenings 🙂

  2. I actually am in need of finding some new food that is healthy to use as treats. I find that’s my biggest problem, along with after dinner. I could eat super healthy all day (which i do, most days), but after dinner, I just want sweets. I’m definitely trying to work on it (and cut back on the baking! haha)

  3. HUGE reality check that October is almost over! So sad. I do have a dog, an 85 lb black lab DIVA of a dog, in fact. She’s ridiculous. I’ve been trying to get more protein into my diet..I don’t always eat as much meat as I should, so I’m trying to find other protein sources!

  4. I am a huge believer that diet has everything to do with weight/health. The easiest thing for me to do is only drink water throughout the day. After my morning drink (coffee, oj or milk) I’m strictly water. I also always serve myself less than my eyes want. Of I’m still hungry when I finish, I go back for more. But this helps me avoid over eating just because its on my plate.

  5. I will never be without a dog! I’ve always had a dog since I was three years old. I love mutts, so one of mine came from the pound and the other from a rescue group. They are precious to me. Dogs are also great motivators to get me to lace up and head outside for a run.
    For me, eating healthy means eating REAL food. I eat fruits, veggies, meats, and dairy products. I make every effort to avoid processed food and absolutely avoid the slop served at fast food restaurants.

  6. I know this is all true, but I just don’t even change. I have the WORST sweet tooth ever. But I figure I use all my food willpower avoiding gluten due to Celiac, so I don’t have any leftover for extreme healthful eating. I try to eat all in moderation…Gotta have my chocolate!

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