It’s a conspiracy!

My coworkers must really like me (or don’t like me and are trying to fatten me up!…it’s a conspiracy!) because yesterday one of the bought me this cookie from Paradise….


And another one brought me this yummy chex mix bag of deliciousness. Yeah that bag may be completely empty now but in my defense I did share. It was amazing.


I’m choosing to think they just like me and want me to be happy. Food is totally one of the top 5 ways to my heart, so they’re doing a really good job. However, after I got home from work I knew I needed something a little bit healthier…ok a lot a bit healthier, so I decided to make a nice big salad.

Spinach, apple, grapes, cranberries, sliced almonds, a teeny bit of mozzarella cheese and a strawberry vinaigrette. The only thing it could have used would have been some grilled chicken on top but I was short on time. It was still freaking delicious. I’m thinking of packing it for lunch today!


And yes, my plate is on the floor. Sometimes I don’t feel like eating at the table and since I’m a grown up and don’t have anyone learning their manners from me yet, I do what I want πŸ˜‰

Coming home from work was the BEST yesterday because these beauties were waiting for me on my front porch!!!


Β I am seriously obsessed with these shoes!! I’ve been wanting bright colored running shoes for a while now (I mean, everyone else has them…I want some obvi) so I was SUPER stoked to get these. Then I read on Janae’s blog yesterday that the new Brooks line is bringing white back into the running shoe. Sigh…always two steps behind the cool kids…I’m not bothered by it though. I’m just super happy about my new shoes. The temptation to go running is almost too much. But I know I need to play it safe til my foot is totally healed. It’s feeling MUCH better by the way. So I’ll be back in no time!

Yesterday I did two different weight circuits at my gym and at the time I didn’t think it was too bad but I woke up sore today. I love it when that happens. I’ll definitely be doing those circuits again soon!

What is your very favorite treat of all time??Β I know, I ask all the hard questions!

Favorite salad? I would love some new ideas!

Favorite workout this week so far?


9 thoughts on “It’s a conspiracy!

  1. Favorite treat of all time is a hard one!!!! I just tried my first apple fritter when I was away at the beach with my family and it was phenomenal! I don’t even want to know how many calories was in it, but man was it good!!!

  2. haha you seriously write my thoughts sometimes I swear!! I also came home to a package at my front door… my new running shoes!!!! ((oh my gosh i needed them sooo badly. Shin splints were coming on strong!)) and they too are colorful… and then I started laughing out loud when i read Janeas post about “white” coming back into style. Story of my life!! haha glad you and I are a year or so behind everyone… we will be “cool” together πŸ™‚
    have a great weekend!!!!

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