2 Showers, Breakfast and a Car Wash

Warning: You’re about to enter a post with lots of pictures of my weekend.  I got to go up to my old college town and see friends and spend time with my siblings. So fun!

First up, Friday night I attended a bridal shower for the beautiful Tabetha (center). I’ve missed these girls!


The next morning I met my siblings for breakfast at my favorite breakfast/lunch place. They were more than happy to join me.


This place is seriously the best! If you’re ever in Logan, UT you have to go here. Promise? Ok good.


I figured I should be in at least one picture with me in it. The sun was really, really bright.


Then I remembered that I had 3 punches left on a punch pass for a car wash in town and since I don’t live there anymore, I thought this would be a good way to use it up! So the three of us took all three of our cars and got them washed and vacuumed them out.

Things got crazy…


But the cars got cleaned. That’s all that mattered.


The weather was GORGEOUS! I just love fall in Cache Valley. This picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice but I just had to show you a small glimpse of what it looks like.


I finished up the trip with a baby shower (yeah I go to a lot of showers) for McKayla! Don’t worry guys, she’s 8 months pregnant. I’m pretty sure I look that big after a big lunch. 


It was a quick trip but it was so fun! The weather is supposed to stop being so amazing in the next couple of days, so I’m going to try to enjoy it today. After church I’m going to spend some time in the hammock! For real this time. Last time I said that it didn’t happen. Oops.

Tell me about your weekend!



4 thoughts on “2 Showers, Breakfast and a Car Wash

  1. Um…if i could please look like that when I am 8 months pregnant that would be great. Thanks.
    Looks like you had a GREAT weekend! So fun! And props for cleanin’ the car… i should possible do that…
    I was at home and spent a lot of time doing NOTHING…. (except running, eating, and watching t.v. it was glorious)
    OH… i signed up for a race next weekend in Chicago 🙂 gosh that makes me happy!!!
    have a good night Alyssa!!!!

    • Seriously though!! She looks amazing!
      Your weekend sounds amazing too in a totally different way. Love the ones where you just get to relax! and yay for your next race!!! You’re a rock star 🙂

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