I’m doing this for them

These babies had their maiden voyage yesterday. It wasn’t a run, but I did do some different step exercises in between my weights, and some of them were really fast paced, so that’s almost like running! I’m taking this week off of running too, just to be safe, and then I’ll be back next week. So excited!


Next week my cousin is coming into town so that I can take her up to USU and show around and try to convince her that being an Aggie is pretty dang awesome! In preparation for her trip, I’ve purchased tickets to the first official basketball game of the season! So excited! Aggie basketball was a HUGE part of my undergraduate career and I’m so excited to share this with my cousin. It’s going to be a good time.


In high school I was an orchestra nerd (I played violin for 9 years) but my siblings were band nerds. In Texas, they even had the chance to be on the high school marching band, so because of that and the fact that my dad also did marching band in high school and college, I’ve seen a few marching band performances. But holy cow. I’ve never seen anything like this! This is Ohio St. I didn’t think I would watch the whole thing but I just couldn’t stop watching! It’s soooo cool!!

By the way, thank you to everyone for your kind words of congratulations. I’m so excited to be a health coach! 6 months ago I was barely discovering that this job even existed and now here I am about to become one.

During my interview, I was asked why I wanted to be a health coach. My answer was somewhere along the lines of “because it matters” (along with some elaboration of course). This is about their health, their quality of life and could affect not only them but generations to come! Now don’t get me wrong, not everyone is crazy about the idea of working with a coach. In fact, I talk to quite a few people who are pretty upset about it.  But yesterday I talked to a man who when his wife came home and told him about this program her work offered, he was so happy and excited to have “his very own coach!”. He’s taken it to heart and let the program help him. He’s dropped 30 lbs and is much happier, healthier and is so grateful to those who have helped him along the way. He told me the program is “the best thing in the whole world!”.

These are the people I’m doing this for. There will always be those who will be haters and grumps and that I’ll really dread their calls. But then there will be those who I’m so excited to talk to, so proud to see their progress and who will really take it seriously and change their lives for the better. I’ve always wanted a job where I can make a difference in someone’s life and someone’s health. I am so very, very blessed to have that opportunity now.


What have you done to workout this week?

Did you play a sport and/or instrument in high school/college?

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?


11 thoughts on “I’m doing this for them

  1. The one and only football game I ever went to I got to see Ohio’s marching band and I was in awe. They had some awesome moves. Best part of the whole game. Congrats on the new job!

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