Argh Mateys!

I was going to blog last night. I really was. But then I heard about 40 Days of Dating and I got sucked in.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.26.12 PM

It’s about two friends taking 40 days to try to date and then they journal each day about what is happening in their relationship.

I’m 21 days into it and I’m hooked. It’s super interesting to see both sides of the story and how each person perceives what is happening and interprets what the other is doing/thinking/saying.

But I will show my costume for today…


Argh mateys!

My company is dressing  up, having a potluck lunch and people are bringing their kids to trick or treat at our desks. I bought an M&Ms assortment bag because I’m the best ever. My coworker Christyn and I decided that we should all trick or treat at each other’s desks after the kids are gone. I mean…there can’t be THAT many kids coming with their parents right? More candy for us!

Tonight I have planned a scary movie, pizza and most likely a big Halloween dance. Gotta put this costume to good use!

What are you dressed up as today??

Moms: what are your kids dressed up as?

Best/Worst thing you ever got trick-or-treating?


8 thoughts on “Argh Mateys!

  1. I’m dressed up as Minnie Mouse, but you already knew that since I showed you my ears during our Google Hangout!!! Did you get that inspiration from our pirate hats? Haha! Argh Mateeeey!

  2. I am a geek in a sense that I listen to talk radio more than I should for a person of my age. That being said, there was a radio segment with the host interviewing these two. So I do know how it ends but it had intrigued me during the interview that I am going to check out the beginning, I had just forgotten about it!

  3. I’m not really dressing up until Saturday since our friends are having a house warming/Halloween party but the hubby and I can never pass up Chipotle’s Halloween deals so I just threw on some of his soccer clothes as my costume today!! Off to Chipotle across the street for $3 boo-ritos!!!

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